Bungie Teases Destiny's Next Six Months of Updates

"This year, the plan is to deliver new experiences at a faster clip."


Following a recent report suggesting Destiny's second year would be comprised of smaller, event-based updates rather than larger expansions, Bungie has provided some insight into its plans.

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Today's Bungie Weekly Update saw community manager Eric Osborne address concerns over the aforementioned report, as well as the fact that the current event--the Sparrow Racing League--will only be available for three weeks. "To put it bluntly, you seem worried that there won't be any more substantial content until we ship another full game, or that all of the content for the rest of Year Two will come in the form of timed events," he said.

Bungie has a whiteboard full of "developments planned for Destiny's not-so-distant future," according to Osborne. This includes new "events, activities, content, and features" over the next year, including "some events and some activities that will become additions to your Director."

"The first of these early 2016 experiences will be on a scale close to Festival of the Lost," he said. "The second will be far larger than anything you've seen since the release of The Taken King. There's also another significant update to the world and sandbox planned in this same window."

Osborne also reiterates what we've already heard, that Bungie hopes to avoid the long delays in between content drops that Destiny players experienced during the game's first year. "This year, the plan is to deliver new experiences at a faster clip," he explained. "To that end, the updates described above are all currently slated to hit across winter and spring of 2016, with more to come, as well."

Some of these updates will be surprises (like the Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost event), while others will be announced in advance.

As for the length of the Sparrow Racing League, Osborne seemed to suggest the possibility of it either being extended or brought back in the future. "If you like the event, let the team know you want to see more of it. Currently, it's slated for three weeks [emphasis added], serving as this year's holiday event. Personally, I hope and believe it's something we'll all want to see more of."

Elsewhere in the Weekly Update, senior designer Jon Weisnewski apologized for the initial numbers released in the patch notes being inaccurate. The notes--see them here--have been updated again with what should now be accurate information.

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