Bungie teases Destiny preorder bonuses



Bungie Studios has teased that not only will there be preorder bonuses for shared-world shooter Destiny, but they could be unveiled shortly.

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Asked in the latest (and potentially final) Mail Sack if there will be different preorder bonuses for Destiny, the studio said, "There most certainly will be. We'll tell you all about them before you even have the chance to ask again."

"You may want to turn your gaze to the stars. We've been busy. Stay tuned."

Destiny--which requires an Internet connection--is currently in development for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. The game will be released in 2014 published by Activision Publishing.

Last week, Bungie Studios design director Joseph Staten--who co-created the Destiny universe--left the company after 15 years.

Bungie Studios will release a new gameplay trailer for Destiny tomorrow, October 1. The trailer will be set in a destination that fans have been asking to see for the first time, community manager "Deej" said.

"We'll also have some exciting announcements if you're looking to suit up and explore our new frontier. Stay tuned!"

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