Bungie teaser marks July 14

New episode in Halo house's long-dormant podcast hints that "something" is "going on" during the first day of next week's E3 Summit.


After Bungie bid adieu to Microsoft in the weeks following the release of its monstrous hit Halo 3, the developer was vocal in affirming that it has more than just more Halo in the cooker. However, confirmation that a new property from one of the most celebrated development houses in the industry is one thing, and exact details on what that game will entail is something entirely different.

While those details have yet to arrive, Bungie has now indicated that an unveil of its next project may be in the cards to kick off the E3 Media & Business Summit festivities next week. The Bungie podcast returned this week from an extended hiatus, and at the tail end of the broadcast, show host Brian Jarrard bantered with fellow emcee Luke Smith, teasing the impending, and unspecified, reveal.

Following Smith's closing remarks in which he lamented the plight of the listener who was "wishing there was a new game announced," Jarrard interrupted, saying, "Wasn't there something going on on July 14, or something like that?" A coy Smith responded, "Uh, yeah, around then, there's something," to which Jarrard continued, "Somehow that's sticking in my head for some reason, guess we'll have to see."

In November, Bungie studio manager Harold Ryan said that "We're actively engaged with the senior staff here on a couple of new IPs right now, but the team that can generate cool Halo games is still running full-speed as well." One of those products in the Halo universe is a new map for the franchise's flagship installment. Made available free of charge this week, the Cold Storage map draws inspiration from the Chill Out battleground from Halo: Combat Evolved and presents an abandoned research facility.

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