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Bungie Shares How It Saved Destiny's E3 2013 Gameplay Reveal From Becoming A Disaster

For Destiny's 7th Anniversary, Bungie told the story of a technical snafu that nearly doomed the game's debut.


The number seven is dear to Bungie, which makes this Destiny birthday extra special. Destiny was released September 9, 2014, and the past seven years haven't exactly been smooth sailing for Bungie, but Destiny and Destiny 2 have captured the hearts of millions of gamers internationally.

To commemorate its journey, Bungie shared a Destiny 7th Anniversary post to reminisce about the early days of development. Destiny's Sony Press Conference at E3 2013 put the team in a tough spot. The post revealed that the gameplay footage shown at the E3 was actually pre-recorded and synced with live performances from Joe Staten, Bungie veteran and former writer on Destiny, and Jason Jones, Bungie's co-founder.

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The presentation was meant to show live gameplay, but Jason's monitor had stopped working and no one knew what caused the disruption at the time. The funny thing is, Bungie quickly switched the live gameplay to a pre-recorded video, and the presenters had to play along. "No one in the crowd seemed to notice everything going on in the background to keep the show moving, and some even saw the long pause while the switch to backup happened as nothing more than a long loading screen for an early build of the game," the post reads.

Despite the complications, Bungie had a successful showcase, thanks to rehearsals and preparation for potential problems. Additionally, Bungie also showed off concept art from early development that may not look exactly like the Destiny you know, but it depicts the same sci-fi and magical atmosphere.

This December also marks Bungie's 30th anniversary. The Bungie 30th Anniversary Celebration in Destiny 2 will bring new in-game content. In case you missed it, Destiny 2 also celebrated Bungie Day, an annual event that lands on July 7, with a Spicy Ramen Emblem.

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