Bungie Says It's Done Expanding The Cosmodrome In Destiny 2

Players are a bit miffed the legacy location won't be returned completely in Destiny 2.


We've seen about all we will of the Cosmodrome in Destiny 2, according to Bungie. Though the Destiny 1 location is now a bigger part of the game, thanks to additions with the Beyond Light expansion and the Season of the Chosen, the developer isn't going to add back all the parts that appeared in the original game.

Bungie clarified the situation with the Cosmodrome in its latest This Week at Bungie post, in which it said that the two Cosmodrome Strikes it added with the Season of the Chosen, Fallen S.A.B.R.E. and The Devils' Lair, are the last Cosmodrome additions it plans to make.

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That's at odds with what Bungie previously said about the Cosmodrome when it announced plans to bring the location back for Destiny 2. Back during the summer when Bungie made the announcement, the developer said the Cosmodrome would eventually be made roughly the same as it was in the first year of Destiny 1. Players have been wondering when the rest of the Cosmodrome would get added into the game and Bungie hasn't had much of an answer for them.

According to the blog post, the developer decided that instead of reworking more of the Cosmodrome, it would be better to focus on developing new areas and locations for players to visit.

"As we approached Beyond Light’s launch, it became clear to us that we had a choice to make: After returning all three of its original strikes, do we invest more time and resources in bringing Cosmodrome to D1 parity or do we switch our focus to building new experiences for Year 4 and beyond?" Bungie wrote. "Given that we believed we had achieved our original goals and knowing the community and team’s desire for new content, we chose the latter option. But, when we made that decision, we failed to properly update your expectations for how far the Cosmodrome experience was going to be extended and that was a mistake. So, to clear things up: With the Devil’s Lair and Fallen S.A.B.E.R. strikes returning, we don’t have any active plans to add more to the Cosmodrome than what is there will be focusing on new updates overall."

There is still more Destiny 1 content coming back to Destiny 2, though. Bungie also previously announced that the Vault of Glass, the original game's first raid, will be added to Destiny 2, albeit in a reworked form. We still don't know exactly when that will happen, though--Bungie has said the Vault is coming "this year," but that's as specific as the developer has gotten.

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