Bungie Reveals Destiny 2 Season Of The Deep Quest And Upcoming Strand Aspects

Destiny 2: Lightfall's Season of the Deep questline will lead to new Strand Aspects and a Legendary weapon.


Shortly after Lightfall and Season of Defiance's launch, Bungie announced details in this week's news post of an upcoming quest in Season 21, named Season of the Deep. Season of the Deep is the second season of the Lightfall expansion, and it'll contain a quest set in Neomuna. "Throughout this quest, players will explore the city to learn about the nature of the Veil through Osiris's research and newly uncovered Ishtar Collective data," Bungie stated.

The Veil was mentioned in the Season of the Seraph and acknowledged that it would play a significant role in the Lightfall campaign. However, the Veil remains a mystery--much to the frustration of players who expected more answers from Lightfall when nearing the end of the Light and Darkness saga. Bungie seemed to acknowledge that in its blog post, noting, "While we’re just a week into Season of Defiance and we don’t always share future narrative details this far in advance, we feel it’s important to give everyone a preview of a particular quest we’re bringing to Neomuna in Season of the Deep."

By completing this quest, players will earn new Strand Aspects--each class has two Aspects so far. Bungie also clarified that players will not need to collect additional Strand Meditations, which are currently required to unlock abilities like Fragments. The developer shared the names of the Aspects as well: Hunter's is called Threaded Specter, Titan will get the Flechette Storm, and Warlock gets The Wanderer. Along with that, players will get a new Legendary hand cannon when they complete the quest.

The Legendary hand cannon reward's concept art shared by Bungie.
The Legendary hand cannon reward's concept art shared by Bungie.

Although the quest launches during Season of the Deep, it will be a part of Neomuna and available to all Lightfall owners. Season of Defiance still has a long way to go--ending May 22--and new activities to jump into like Defiant Battlegrounds and a secret mission for the Vexcalibur Exotic glaive.

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