Bungie Rebalancing Destiny 2 Stasis Powers In PvP, Adding More Anti-Cheat Staff

A bunch of changes are coming to Destiny 2's player-vs.-player modes that should decrease cheating, level the playing field, and make the Trials of Osiris more enticing.


Bungie is rebalancing several elements of Destiny 2's player-vs.-player mode in upcoming seasons, including the Stasis powers introduced in the Beyond Light expansion that have dominated the Crucible ever since. The developer says it'll be reworking Destiny 2 subclass powers in the near future to make them all more viable, while making a lot of other changes to PvP over the next few content seasons.

The changes were outlined in a massive post Bungie published on its blog. First and foremost are its changes to the new Stasis abilities, which many in the player community have complained are too powerful and dominating in PvP situations. Bungie is adjusting several of those abilities to be less lethal to other players, while also fixing some bugs and other issues with Stasis that have made the subclasses not work as intended.

In addition to changes to Stasis, Bungie says it's looking at changing the Light subclasses that existed in the game before the release of Beyond Light to make them more viable. The idea, Bungie said, is that it wants to achieve more of a balance between all the classes, while also making sure the emphasis in PvP stays on gunplay. Right now, players have complained that subclass abilities are too strong and overshadowing a lot of the bread-and-butter shooter gameplay at Destiny 2's core, and it sounds like this is a key part of what Bungie means to address.

There are other changes coming to PvP as well. Bungie acknowledged that cheating remains a major problem in the Crucible, especially for the PC version of Destiny 2, and the developer is redoubling its efforts to combat it. Bungie said it's going to nearly double its security development team to fight cheaters and is currently surveying players to gain more information about the cheaters they've dealt with.

Starting in the next content season, Bungie is also dealing with an issue plaguing PvP the community refers to as "three-peeking," in which players use emotes or certain weapons to switch Destiny 2's camera from first-person mode to third-person mode. The third-person mode allows players to see around corners without exposing themselves, thereby giving them an unfair advantage. Bungie is changing PvP in Season 14 to remove emotes and make changes to weapons with third-person camera angles, which should eliminate (or at least cut down on) the prevalence of three-peeking.

Finally, the post outlines Bungie's plans for the Trials of Osiris, Destiny 2's toughest competitive challenge. As it stands, Bungie has struggled with problems with Trials since it was reintroduced in Season 10. Trials gives its greatest rewards when players go Flawless, winning seven matches in a row without losing any, but Bungie said in the blog that Trials rewards are currently balanced in such a way that if players lose a match, they immediately reset their Trials "cards," starting back at the beginning. That means that most players' first Trials matches are extremely difficult, since so many teams--especially high-level ones--are constantly on their first match.

Bungie is looking to rework Trials to incentivize keeping teams playing longer even with one or two losses on their Trials card. It also is looking to rework matchmaking in the mode to make Trials more enticing to players who want to try the mode but who aren't necessarily top-tier PvP players. Currently, Trials is dominated by Destiny 2's best of the best, which means that regular players are more or less shut out of the mode. The changes to how awards are dished out, how matchmaking works, and the potential addition of a new solo matchmaking mode (as opposed to the three-player team requirement), are all aimed at making Trials a mode that more players want to try, even if they're not PvP superstars.

The blog post doesn't exactly detail how Bungie means to overhaul Trials, so we'll have to see what practical changes it actually makes to the mode. We do know that those changes will start to enter the game throughout the course of the rest of the year, however, so it's possible Trials could get adjustments as soon as later this season or in Season 14. In addition to its PvP changes, Bungie also announced a delay to the release of the Witch Queen expansion, the release timing for the Vault of Glass raid and transmogrification, and the end of the controversial "gunsetting" change that deprecated the game's older loot.

Here's a quick look at some of the changes to Stasis that Bungie says will be introduced sometime during the current season and Season 14, which kicks off on May 11:

Behemoth Titan:

  • Decrease Super damage reduction.
  • Increase Super energy cost when performing light attacks.
  • Remove freeze AOE on Super cast.
  • Reduce travelling efficacy of Shiver Strike when slowed.

Revenant Hunter:

  • Decrease Withering Blade damage and tracking.
  • Decrease slow stacks applied to targets.
  • Remove Shatterdive damage reduction.

Shadebinder Warlock:

  • Fix bug where Iceflare Bolts wouldn’t track towards targets immediately on creation.
  • Fix bug where Shadebinder Super projectiles were not tracking until a certain distance travelled.


  • Decrease crystal shatter damage.

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