Bungie Parts Ways With Activision Blizzard, And It's Taking Destiny

A new future for Destiny.

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Now Playing: Bungie Takes Destiny 2 And Parts With Activision Blizzard

Bungie will assume full publishing rights of the Destiny series from Activision, the developer announced on Thursday. This will mark the end of a 10-year contract established in 2010, which saw Activision help Bungie to launch its first post-Halo project after it gained its independence from former owner Microsoft.

The process of transitioning Destiny's publishing from Activision to Bungie has already begun, according to a post on Bungie's website. There's no word on any impact on Destiny 2, and Bungie says its plans are "unchanged." The PC version--which operates using the Activision-owned Blizzard Battle.net launcher--will "still receive full support on BattleNet and we do not anticipate any disruption to our services or your gameplay experience," Blizzard confirmed.

In a statement, Activision said, "Today, we're announcing plans for Bungie to assume full publishing rights and responsibilities for the Destiny franchise. Going forward, Bungie will own and develop the franchise, and Activision will increase its focus on owned IP and other projects. Activision and Bungie are committed to a seamless transition for the Destiny franchise and will continue to work closely together during the transition on behalf of the community of Destiny players around the world."

Both Destiny and Destiny 2 have been uneven games, delivering a mixture of highs and lows, with Bungie often correcting mistakes and offering dramatically improved experiences with post-launch expansions. Destiny 2 in particular has been maligned by some for its use of microtransactions and the Eververse store. While it's difficult to separate decisions made by Bungie versus Activision, some players worried that the latter's influence on the game had resulted in the heavy push of Eververse.

Reports have surfaced in the past about development issues with the series, as Destiny 2 was said to be rebooted at one point. Signs of possible strain between the companies' relationship became public last year following the release of the Forsaken expansion in September. Despite being received much more warmly than the base game, Activision publicly stated that it had been a commercial disappointment. This in turn led to Destiny 2 director Luke Smith responding on Twitter, saying, "We are not disappointed with Forsaken. We set out to build a game that Destiny players would love, and at Bungie, we love it too. Building Destiny for players who love it is and will remain our focus going forward."

In Bungie's new statement regarding the split, it stated, "With Forsaken, we've learned, and listened, and leaned in to what we believe our players want from a great Destiny experience. Rest assured there is more of that on the way. We'll continue to deliver on the existing Destiny roadmap, and we're looking forward to releasing more seasonal experiences in the coming months, as well as surprising our community with some exciting announcements about what lies beyond.

"Thank you so much for your continued support. Our success is owed in no small part to the incredible community of players who have graced our worlds with light and life. We know self-publishing won't be easy; there’s still much for us to learn as we grow as an independent, global studio, but we see unbounded opportunities and potential in Destiny. We know that new adventures await us all on new worlds filled with mystery, adventure, and hope. We hope you'll join us there."

The news provides no indication of what Destiny's future might hold; Bungie appears to be fully dedicated to it and can perhaps have more freedom in how it handles Destiny 2 and beyond. But we also know part of Bungie is looking elsewhere, as just last year it received $100 million in funding from NetEase to work on non-Destiny projects. Bungie is a massive company, allowing it to work on multiple projects at once, and it insisted the Destiny franchise will "grow for many years to come. Our commitment to that world is not diminished by this announcement."

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Avatar image for eazydub

This is good news. Activision is making bad decisions right now and alienating fans. Bungee will distance themselves, and depending on how much controlling interest they've relinquished, Blizzard would do well to do the same.

Avatar image for DarkReign2022

Oh I see how it is. 10 years on Halo is too much, but 10 years on Destiny and there's no interest in slowing down.

Destiny is a bust. Just take advantage of the freedom from Activision's venom and make a new IP that might actually bring the company respect again.

Avatar image for kiggor

@DarkReign2022: or they can redeem themselves by making destiny 3 really good.....

Avatar image for darkelf83

@DarkReign2022: They've been working on a new IP. Some of Destiny's and thus Bungie's woes have been because not all of Destiny was done in house. Activision has had other studios doing work on it. Bungie has still done their share of the mess ups but now they at least have a chance to turn it around. Can they? No idea.

Avatar image for listerofsmeg

Thats great now if only Bioware could do the same.

Avatar image for nyran125

Look at Star Citizen..its possible. Its also possible to crowd fund a HALO game, id say. Easy. Be interesting to see what a Halo looks like without a major publisher behind it.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@nyran125: Destiny 1 and 2 actually released though. Star Citizen.........

Avatar image for darkelf83

I'd love to think that this could mean that Destiny 3 could go back to more like what Bungie pitched originally. Don't see this happening though. As much trouble and issues Activision caused, it isn't all on them. Bungie made plenty of bad decisions themselves. Things will take a long time to get sorted out and Bungie will have to earn player trust back through action.

Avatar image for rbogaert2208

@darkelf83: + If Anthem is better than Destiny, with more variety and more support towards feedback and demands and without any rip-off dlc packages than i see no future for Destiny 3... But there will always be fans and i hope they get what they want and deserve for the hard-earned money they invest.

Avatar image for sakaixx

Congratulations to bungie. Hoepfully this time we a game that truly lives up to the studio name

Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

Ah what the f does that mean, bungie did what, and Activisions happy to still give bungie a seamless bridge for bunging just with out what... Who has what and where is what? Destiny's where? in inside a coma patients brain.

Oh well I guess the demo was good, at least I recorded the demo because it isn't the final product and could have been something amazing. Huh destiny what..

Avatar image for kiggor

@lorddaggeroff: this whol comment is so confusing to read and understand haha. what the hell are you talking bout exactly.

Avatar image for horizonwriter

@kiggor: I think the general gist is, "where does this leave everything", to which the answer is Bungie owns Destiny and they get all of their creative control back but now they have to foot the bill for everything from development to advertising to server support, or they need to find investors/backers which is a big part of what sank the ship the first time. They went with a terrible publisher.

Avatar image for Vodoo

It's actually hard to believe Activision was once a great Publisher and one of the original companies to start up gaming, along with now defunct Acclaim and Atari, who is a former shell of itself. It's a shame Activision turned out the way they did.

As for Bungie, hopefully now they can actually put out the games they want, how they want. First being forced by MS to do Halo to death (though making them rich in the process), and then Activision forcing microtransactions down their throat. And we all know it was Activision.

I look forward to see what they come up with on their own. Though taking that 100 million from NetEase hopefully won't force them into the same scenario they just escaped from.

Avatar image for fedor

If it hurts Activision, I'm all for it.

Avatar image for millionsedge

Good news!

Avatar image for Person4

Good! Activision causes more problems than solutions in gaming, so good on Bungie.

Avatar image for Barighm

Wow. Has it really been 10 years?

And I wonder how this deal works. I'm surprised Activision would allow someone to walk away with one of their IPs. Then again, the capital was said to be an investment.

Avatar image for kiggor

@Barighm: its bungie ip not activision since bungie is the one who created. activision just funds it.

Avatar image for fedor

@Barighm: Only been about 8.5 years.

Avatar image for Barighm

@fedor: Yeah, that's another thing. How are they getting away with this just shy of the final mark?

Avatar image for fedor

@Barighm: Activision is probably letting them go.

Avatar image for playstationzone

Oh well Activevision lost tony hawks series they aslo lost Spider-Man series and lost destiny and studio with it . It’s Activevision fault why destiny series went down and if do 3rd Destiny I buy that. Good of them Bungie 👍 well done .

Avatar image for deathBRINGER201

@playstationzone: hmm do you have any idea how mismanaged Bungie was while developing both Destiny 1 & 2, Bungie is equally at fault for the state of the product we were presented at launch and I have little to no faith in them after dragging us fanboys/girls through he mud.

Avatar image for playstationzone

@deathBRINGER201: so why other studios are doing call of duty that right Activevision telling them do it and it’s like MS that telling do gears of war , forza, halo . I see why Epic games left as well as halo creator. Who knows could go back to MS and do Destiny 3 right

Avatar image for sparent180

Wow didn't see this coming, did I miss something?

Avatar image for PETERAKO

Bungie needs to 1) Find a way to merge destiny 1 and 2 with all their expansions, 2) get rid, or at least repurpose bright engrams, and make items purchasable outright, 3) make the loot not boring, and last but not least 4) make it free to play.

Avatar image for kiggor

@PETERAKO: why on earth would it be free to play????

Avatar image for arcaerus

@PETERAKO: 2 is a good suggestion, I'll skip commenting about 1 and 3, but are you serious with 4? "Free to play"?? You realize that directly goes against the good point you had with number 2? Free to play is the death of good games; it's for children who can't afford to pay for a quality product. I dare you to name one good F2P game. (Other than current-state Warframe which was a train wreck of a game for years.)

Avatar image for ToadstoolPeach

Great news! Now if only there was some way to separate Blizzard from Activision too.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@ToadstoolPeach: Wouldn't matter at this point - all the talent from Blizzard is gone, and "You think you want it but you don't" guy is in charge.

Avatar image for xiomata

@ToadstoolPeach: it seems that train already left the station. The Blizzard we used to know is almost completely dead. Co-founder and former president is leaving Blizzard this April for good. Such a shame, time people stopped supporting Activision and other big publishers who are destroying the game industry due to their obsessive greed while not caring about their customers.

Avatar image for asnakeneverdies

@ToadstoolPeach: I doubt that would make Blizzard suck any less, Your Sassiness. 👸

Avatar image for mbrogz3000

@ToadstoolPeach: only a time warp would make that possible

Avatar image for Barighm

@ToadstoolPeach: If anything, Activision has gained more control of Blizzard of late.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

@ToadstoolPeach: This aint happening anytime soon.

Avatar image for externalpower43

Alright. Myth 3 and Oni 2.

Avatar image for phinix

@externalpower43: Hell yes! Myth 3!

Avatar image for deactivated-5cd08b1605da1

Ok, now Destiny has my attention again. Dont f it up bungie

Avatar image for Barighm

@Vatusus: I dunno. A good part of my disgust for Destiny came from Bungie's shitty attitude. Maybe it was Activision's decision to fire Bungie's alumni, but it didn't sound like Bungie fought very hard to defend them.

Avatar image for Carpetfluff

Let's be real; this isn't Bungie reclaiming their freedom; this is Activision letting them go because they don't see Destiny doing the numbers they want. Whether this mean Bungie will cope on their own or not remains to be seen as they haven't self published in over a decade and they've had big money backing from Microsoft and Activision to rely on. It will be interesting to see what they do. People will be hoping the micro-transactions was all Activision and that Bungie will pull them, but they may well need that revenue to keep going; it's not like they have any big games to sell for a cash injection right now.

Avatar image for Exceed20XX

@Carpetfluff: They supposedly have a non-Destiny game being developed due to a $100M investment from NetEase.

Avatar image for doremonhg9x

@Exceed20XX: Uhh, that doesn't look good for Bungie lol. If it's like any other game from NetEase, I dread for Bungie's future...