Bungie Outlines Destiny 2's Upcoming Season Of The Risen Activities

The past four weeks offered new activities in Season of the Risen, and players can look forward to much more.


The latest Bungie blog post has provided a roadmap for the rest of Destiny 2's Season of the Risen, and Bungie has activities lined up till the end of May. Players can start preparing for the Legend version of PsiOps Battlegrounds, which is arriving next reset, and beyond that, there are Trials Labs, Grandmaster Nightfalls, Guardians Games, and more to come.

The most noteworthy event is the return of Guardian Games on May 3, where players complete activities with their favorite class and earn unique rewards. The winning class gets commemorated at the end of the event for the following year. Here's what players can expect for the rest of Season of the Risen:

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Season of the Risen content calendar

  • March 22: Legend PsiOps Battlegrounds, Vow of the Disciple Challenges
  • April 1: Trials Labs - Zone Capture
  • April 5: Grandmaster Nightfalls
  • April 8: Trials Labs - Freelance
  • April 12: Iron Banner
  • April 19: Vow of the Disciple Master Difficulty
  • April 22: Trials Labs – Zone Capture
  • May 3 – May 24: Guardian Games
  • May 6: Trials Labs – Freelance, Community voted map
  • May 10: Iron Banner
  • May 20: Trials Labs – Freelance and Zone Capture

Although players can see the Grandmaster Nightfall option in the Vanguard menu, players can't access it until April 5. This season's hard Power cap is 1560, but the recommended Power level for the upcoming Grandmaster Nightfalls is 1600.

There are plenty of weekends in Season of the Risen for players to jump into Trials of Osiris, but April 1 and April 22 have the Trials Labs: Zone Capture. April 8 and May 6 have Trials Labs: Freelance--and the last Trials weekends has both Freelance and Zone Capture options. The first Iron Banner of the season started on week 4, but TWAB roadmap reveals that there are two more Iron Banner events left in the season.

A couple of weeks after the Vow of the Disciple raid launch for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, players will be able to access the Master Difficulty version of the raid on April 16. Until then, players can complete Vow of the Challenges that begin next reset on March 22.

So far, Season 16 offers weekly challenges, seasonal quests at the H.E.L.M., a new Exotic mission for the Dead Messenger grenade launcher, and multiple PsiOps Battlegrounds arenas.

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