Bungie Optimistic That Destiny's Launch Will Go Smoothly

"We take it super seriously and we've been planning for a long time," COO Pete Parsons says.


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As Bungie looks to the release of Destiny in September, the developer said in a new interview that fans can expect a smooth launch, thanks to many months of preparation. "We have been actively preparing," Bungie COO Pete Parsons told GamesIndustry International. "We take it super seriously and we've been planning for a long time, we've been investing into it to make sure that we have the best experience possible."

Destiny is an always-online game, and Parsons did not rule out the possibility of some level of launch issues. But overall, he expects the game's release to go off largely without a hitch, thanks in part to Bungie having numerous "safeguards" in place.

"I think we have to ultimately see what happens, but we have every expectation of from moment one, having a great experience, and when things happen, whether it's with us or the Internet, we have things in place," Parsons said. "There's elegance in what we do so we have plenty of safeguards for this."

Bungie's statement of assurance comes after other high-profile games--like SimCity, Battlefield 4, and Diablo III--all faced issues at launch, some of which prevented people from playing entirely.

The Destiny alpha on PlayStation 4 wrapped up earlier this month, and a beta will be held first on PlayStation 3 and PS4 starting July 17, before coming to other platforms later. The full game launches September 9 across all platforms. There's even a possibility that PS4s sold at retail this year will come bundled with a copy of the game.

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