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Bungie Offers First Clip Of Keith David As Zavala In Destiny 2 Expansion

Keith David is taking over the role of Commander Zavala from the late Lance Reddick in Destiny 2's next expansion, The Final Shape.


Last year, Lance Reddick passed away shortly before one of his final films, John Wick: Chapter 4, hit theaters. Reddick had a long list of credits to his name, including Commander Zavala in the Destiny video game franchise, a role that he originated in 2014. Zavala is set to return in the next expansion of Destiny 2, The Final Shape, with veteran actor Keith David taking over the part from Reddick. Now, Bungie has shared a brief glimpse at David's first appearance as Zavala.

The footage featuring David as Zavala was part of Bungie's short documentary series about the making of The Final Shape. Both clips are extremely brief, but they seem to have a larger meta meaning beyond the game as Zavala mourns for an unseen comrade whom he says he would give anything to bring them back. In the second scene, Zavala vows not to lose another soldier to the war.

Reddick was more than just an actor in the Destiny games, he was also an avid player who logged on to play Destiny 2 the night before he died. Additionally, Reddick frequently interacted with Destiny fans online. His connection to the other players was so profound that they staged an in-game tribute to the late actor. Reddick's final contributions to the series were released last year.

Destiny: The Final Shape will be released on June 4.

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