Bungie Offers Destiny 2 Players Free Emblem To Show Support For Ukraine

Destiny 2 players can redeem the code for the free emblem now.


In the midst of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, Bungie has released a brand-new Destiny 2 emblem to show its support of Ukraine.

Last month, the developer shared how it intends to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine, announcing that it will be dedicating the entirety of its proceeds from the first 48 hours of its recent Game2Give charity drive to humanitarian efforts. $120,000 was raised, and Bungie promised it will continue to match its own employee donations to any US-based charitable organisations, including Direct Relief and International Rescue Committee.

Additionally, Bungie confirmed that the "Cоняшник" emblem, which was previously shared on March 9 in a separate blog post, is available now to redeem. Players can now input the code "JVG-VNT-GGG" in order to claim their free Destiny 2 item and show support for Ukraine.

"For 'Cоняшник,' we humbly tried to exemplify the hope and courage that has been so emblematic of the Ukrainian people during this impossible time," Bungie said when describing the emblem. "Alongside Ukraine’s coat of arms, impressionistic sunflowers, Ukraine’s national flower, populate the peaceful countryside--a metaphor for hope and our way of expressing solidarity.”

Bungie previously announced that it would be also be suspending the sale of Destiny 2 in Russia and Belarus, and although players in both regions are still able to play any content they have already purchased, they are unable to purchase new content or Silver.

As the Russian invasion escalates, more tech companies and developers have announced how they are seeking to help Ukraine. Most recently, Sony announced it would be suspending all PlayStation game sales and hardware shipments to Russia, including the recently released Gran Turismo 7.

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