Bungie Is Replacing The Cold Front Dragonfly Perk Due To Technical Issues

Destiny 2's next patch will remove Dragonfly from all Cold Front guns to prevent bugged weapon interactions.


In December 2020, Reddit user dead_is_death posted about a glitch with the Cold Front gun and its Dragonfly perk in Destiny 2. Despite the Cold Front submachine gun being a Kinetic weapon, it can still roll with the Dragonfly perk. In other words, Cold Front can drop for players equipped with the Dragonfly perk, which causes an elemental explosion on kill, despite the fact that Kinetic weapons don't have an associated element. This leaves what the perk is actually doing on kill as kind of a question mark.

As you might imagine, this has caused some issues that have ultimately caused Bungie to remove this roll in an upcoming patch. Bungie's assistant director for Destiny 2, Joe Blackburn took to Twitter to announce this and explain the decision: "Wanted to give a quick update on Coldfront. The Dragonfly perk was not designed to work with kinetic weapons and causes some technical errors. Because of this, in an upcoming patch all Coldfronts with the Dragonfly perk will have it replaced with the Swashbuckler perk."

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Swashbuckler is a Legendary trait that causes the weapon it's equipped on to gain increased damage from melee kills and kills with the weapon. Swapping it with Dragonfly should fix those technical errors Blackburn mentioned, but the fan response to this decision has been mixed. Twitch streamer Gladd replied to Blackburn's tweet questioning what the point of removing it even is as Cold Front is a "special event weapon and everyone loves it." Others have echoed their enjoyment of the vaguely broken gun, but have also offered understanding about it being removed for the greater good.

This isn't the first time Destiny 2 has seen a wild weapon bug or three. From a grenade launcher turned bow, to a sword glitch that can cut through enemies like butter, Destiny 2 players are familiar with the different ways their toys can break in this game, and despite Cold Front being shelved for now, there may yet be glitches to look forward to.

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