Bungie Is Allowing One-Time Name Changes For Destiny 2 Players

Months after Bungie Names were introduced, players will finally get to choose new ones.


Six months after Destiny 2 saw the implementation of the Bungie Name system, players are finally getting the chance to change their in-game names. Bungie announced on its Twitter feed that players would get a one-time opportunity to change their Bungie Name--through their Bungie web account--in Destiny 2 after the release of Hotfix on March 10.

Tomorrow, a one-time name change will become available for all players to update their Bungie name by logging in to https://t.co/nxcJOWfbTG.
This one-time name change will become available after Hotfix goes live tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM PST (1700 UTC). pic.twitter.com/L49sYQMMhH

— Bungie (@Bungie) March 9, 2022

Bungie Names were generated for all Destiny 2 players when crossplay became available at the start of Season 15 in August 2021, but players didn't get much choice over their handles. If a person played Destiny 2 on multiple platforms, like PC and PlayStation, they could choose which of those names would become their permanent Bungie Name--but they were stuck with whatever name they'd chosen for their PlayStation account or PC character. Although Bungie initially said that players might get to change their generated name last winter, spontaneously, the developer announced that all players have a single opportunity to create their Bungie Name, now in Season 16.

Bungie specified that this is the only name change they can speak on right now. There aren't many more details about the name change as of yet--like whether you'll have only a certain period of time to institute the change. We'll update this article with more information as it becomes available, and after the update is released to Destiny 2.

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