Bungie Has "Irrefutable Evidence" About Destiny 2 Leaker, Who Claims To Be Innocent

Details on major changes coming to Destiny 2 have leaked online, with Bungie confirming that they originated from a recent summit attended by content creators.


Update: Bungie has commented further on the situation, and although it still does not name the accused individual, it says it has "irrefutable evidence" of what happened. Not only that, but it claims that the leaker shared private information over "multiple years."

"Our Security and Legal teams have reviewed irrefutable evidence, including video recordings, verified messages, and images demonstrating a pattern over time that confirm the same individual shared confidential information from Community Summits spanning multiple years," Bungie said in a tweet. "We are very disappointed to have learned this information and wish that things had gone differently with this person. We do not take these actions lightly, and we are confident in our decision."

Bungie says it won't be addressing the situation further. The original story follows.

Ahead of Destiny 2's upcoming Season 21, which is expected to launch in late May, a huge number of details have leaked about changes and new content coming to the game. Although it has not publicly named any individual, Bungie acknowledged the leaks and has reportedly pointed the finger at an individual privately--a well-known community member who claims to be innocent.

According to Bungie, the person behind the leaks was a content creator who had been invited to a private summit event to preview upcoming changes to the game, and this breach of trust could have major ramifications for how Bungie shares information in the future.

"Community interaction and engagement is central to Bungie and our games," the studio said in a statement. "For years, we've invited creators and other members of the community to confidential summits to provide feedback on the future of Destiny. This is a beloved part of the process, but relies heavily on trust. Breaches of this trust could result in our inability to hold more summits. We take these breaches extremely seriously and are taking actions to reinforce our policies with those invited to these internal meetings."

A well-known streamer in the Destiny 2 community, Ekuegan, has confirmed that he has been accused of being the leaker. Shortly before Bungie's statement, EK tweeted, "It was a great run indeed. Much love," along with an image of the thousands of Grandmaster Nightfalls he has completed.

That led to speculation that Bungie was banning him for allegedly leaking the information, though he later tweeted, "I did not leak anything." A subsequent tweet thread stated in part, "All I know is, that company made a huge mistake and I will clear my name. I am working on it," and noted that he has apparently been banned from the game.

Separately, he told Forbes that he did attend the summit in question and has been banned, but that Bungie indicated it would not take legal action for breaking the non-disclosure agreement he signed. According to EK, Bungie's evidence against him centers around the leaked photos matching his computer desktop. However, it's unclear what other evidence Bungie may have acted on.

In case you missed them, the leaks that began circulating this month point to massive gameplay changes that'll have a major impact on how Destiny 2 is played. Some of these changes had been hinted at by Destiny 2 developers before the launch of the Lightfall expansion, and other updates to the game will include the usual tweaks to Exotics, new themed weapons for Season 21, and rebalancing across the board.

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