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Bungie Gifts Players The Spicy Ramen Emblem To Celebrate Bungie Day

Bungie Day offers multiple ways to get new emblems this month.


July 7 is the annual Bungie Day, a holiday created by fans and adopted by Bungie as a day to celebrate the community. It's also Bungie's 30th birthday this year, and Destiny players can get the free Spicy Ramen emblem, an homage to Cayde-6's ramen coupon, when they sign into their Bungie account and redeem the code: YRC-C3D-YNC.

Although a free emblem for all players, it ran into a bit of controversy last month after it was leaked. Bungie warned fans about purchasing the emblem because it would soon be a gift to the community.

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If you're looking to get more emblems, you can acquire them by donating to the Bungie Foundation's Giving Campaign from July 7 through July 20. Donating $10 gets you last year's The Bungie Foundation emblem, and $25 or above gives the Circadian Guard emblem. Large donations reward other items such as the Exotic Buoyant Shell Ghost shell for $50 and the Exotic Tiny Tank emote for $75.

The studio is also holding a sale for select merchandise from the Bungie Store that will go till the end of the month. Purchasing from the store will give fans another Bungie Day exclusive emblem.

Additionally, the Bungie Day post shared news about the upcoming Destiny 2 Showcase landing on August 24 for the Witch Queen expansion.

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