Bungie finished making Halo: Reach map packs

Halo studio not crafting additional add-on content for latest sci-fi shooter; Defiant Map Pack out next Tuesday.


Halo: Reach

When Bungie signed a 10-year publishing deal with Activision last year, the writing was on the wall that the Halo studio would soon depart from the famed franchise. Now it's a done deal.

According to Bungie's latest Weekly Update, the Washington state video game studio will not create any more new map packs for Halo: Reach.

Bungie is moving on.
Bungie is moving on.

"We are not building map packs for Halo: Reach, and we're not working on any engine modifications, with code pressed tightly to metal," reads the statement.

That said, Bungie plans to continue to support Halo: Reach until Microsoft takes total control of the franchise. That continued support will come in the way of "playlist additions and upgrades," the addition of community-made maps to the multiplayer hopper, and undefined community contests.

Halo: Reach fans eager for more add-on content can download the $10 Defiant Map Pack next week on Xbox Live. The content was codeveloped by Certain Affinity, a studio also responsible for Call of Duty: Black Ops and Left 4 Dead downloadable content.

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