Bungie Finally Addresses Destiny 2 Chest Cooldowns, Confirms Bug With Cayde's Stash And Lost Sectors

Slow your (chest-opening) roll.

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Since Destiny 2's launch, players have been left in the dark regarding the way chest cooldowns work. Much like in the first game, players seemingly hit a temporary cap where they no longer obtain anything by rapidly opening chests in a short span of time, but this is not communicated clearly in-game. Worse, it seemingly affects the chests located in Lost Sectors and those you earn by purchasing Cayde's Stash maps, which can be downright frustrating--those maps cost money, and players are sometimes getting nothing for tracking down the corresponding chest. After a period of silence, Bungie has finally discussed the matter and confirmed an apparent bug with the way chests currently operate.

In a blog post today, Bungie confirmed that this cooldown is intended--but only for standard chests. "It is expected that if too many planetary chests are opened within a short amount of time, players may not receive items," Bungie said. "Cayde's Stash and Lost Sector chests should not follow this functionality. We will provide updates on our investigation when available."

Unfortunately, it did not provide any further details; instead, it's requesting that affected players head to Bungie's forums and describe the issue. Specifically, the developer wants to know what type of chest didn't provide rewards and if the player had interacted with chests or planetary materials before opening it. Bungie doesn't explicitly recommend this, but you may want to ensure you haven't done either of those things before attempting a Lost Sector or opening a Cayde's Stash chest to lessen the likelihood of missing out on rewards.

A new hotfix update is slated to arrive next Tuesday, October 3. We've only gotten a preview of the patch notes for update, but they include fixes for bugs with the Raid Milestone and His Highness's Seal quest step. The update will be rolled out alongside another Destiny 2 maintenance period.

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