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Bungie Explains Why Some Destiny DLC Is Already on the Disc

Bungie president says some content shipped on the disc to reduce download sizes.

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If you've been following our Destiny coverage you may have noticed that some clever players have been able to access unfinished parts of the game that will officially released as DLC later. For example, one player managed to enter The Terminus, which we weren't supposed to see until the release of The Dark Below, Destiny's first piece of DLC.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Bungie president Harold Ryan explained that a bunch of this "shared-world" content was shipped on the disc specifically to limit the download sizes for people. "Both inside the US and all over the world, how much you download on your local home internet connection can be a problem, and even how much storage space it takes up on your console," Ryan said. "So we share a lot of assets across all the activities in the game. When people get into areas that aren't unlocked right now, they're seeing pieces we built and shipped ahead of time, but they're by no means the finished experiences or even the finished content."

Ryan also said that most of content for The Dark Below, for example, was built over the last three months, long after the main game was done. Eris, a new character that will send you on missions in the DLC, her story, and various activities and bosses were all made and polished after the game shipped, ryan said.

Last week, Bungie announced that The Dark Below DLC will release on December 9, and will sell as a single download for $20. The DLC will add new weapons, new story missions, raise the level cap to 32, and much more, which you can read about in detail in here.

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