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Bungie Confirms Destiny 2 DLC Game Pass Release Date As Part Of Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate Destiny's sixth birthday, Bungie has revealed when Forsaken and Shadowkeep are hitting Game Pass.


Destiny has turned six years old as of September 9, 2020, and as part of the celebrations, Bungie has revealed when Destiny 2's expansions are coming to Xbox Game Pass. We already knew that both Forsaken and Shadowkeep are coming to Xbox Game Pass for console and PC, but now Bungie has announced a release date: September 22.

Since the base game is already free-to-play, this means you'll be able to play everything Destiny 2 has to offer later this month for the price of a Game Pass subscription. That includes Beyond Light, which is also hitting Game Pass when it launches on November 10, meaning that the full Destiny 2 experience will be available to subscribers.

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Since Destiny 2 features cross-save, Xbox Game Pass subscribers who have played the game elsewhere might want to migrate over to Xbox for the next expansion. It should also be easy to keep your progress when the new console generation begins.

Aside from this, Bungie is also celebrating Destiny's birthday with a new poster inspired by the game's most beloved characters, a new birthday mug, t-shirt, and Destiny cookie cutter set. If you fancy doing some baking, Bungie has even included a recipe for a Destiny birthday cake.

There are also some stats for those of us who enjoy that kind of stuff. For example, 167 million Guardians have been created, and people have played the series for 8.6 billion hours since Destiny launched six years ago. The community has also opened its wallets, raising over $8.5 million for Little Lights and other worthy causes all over the world.

The most interesting stat might relate to character classes, however. It's a fairly even split, with 31% playing as Titans, 31% opting for Warlocks, and 38% donning the cloaks of Hunters. Ahead of the launch of Beyond Light, Bungie has also been sharing details on each new sub-class: the Warlock Shadebinder, Titan Behemoth, and Hunter Revenant. They'll each offer unique abilities that could drastically change how combat plays out.

A new update rolled out for Destiny 2 this week that changes how Perks operate, fixing an exploit that players were taking advantage of, and introducing a number of other tweaks to the game across all platforms. If you'd also like to take a look at the upcoming skins that Guardians can earn in the annual Festival of the Lost event, you can take a peek at the spooky new outfits right here.

Destiny 2 is also coming to the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, where it will run at 4K and 60 FPS. Any expansion content you own--including the upcoming Beyond Light--will carry over to next-gen systems. Bungie says that Beyond Light supports Smart Delivery, so buying it on Xbox One will get you access on Series X. Similarly, although Sony has not announced an official Smart Delivery-style service, a Beyond Light purchase on PS4 will get you it on PS5. Destiny 3 is not currently on the cards, as Destiny 2 continues to receive updates and expansions, and will until at least 2022.

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