Bungie completes Halo handover to 343 on March 31

Longtime Halo studio finishes transition next month by handing over "all live Halo data" to Microsoft's 343 Industries.


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Bungie Studios--the company that created the Halo franchise--will completely hand over the sci-fi shooter series to Microsoft on March 31, 2012.

The Bungie era of Halo has a kill date: March 31.
The Bungie era of Halo has a kill date: March 31.

Bungie's transition away from Halo began over the summer, when Microsoft's new Halo house 343 Industries started taking increased control of the brand.

A new post on Bungie.net reveals that on March 31, Bungie will completely hand over the reins to 343 for all online Halo services. This means on that date Bungie will no longer be able to update game statistics and player files, host new user-generated assets, or control the Bungie Pro premium service. The company said all Bungie-developed Halo games will be affected by this action.

That said, Bungie noted that "all existing historical Halo data" on Bungie.net will remain intact for as long as the Internet stays up and the company's data storage systems continue to be operational.

All future Halo support will be handled by Microsoft and 343 Industries via Halo Waypoint, the all-things-Halo hub that launched in 2009.

343 Industries released Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary in November and is presently at work developing Halo 4, a direct sequel to 2007's Halo 3. The new Master Chief game is due for release this holiday season.

Bungie's next title will be published by Activision as part of a new 10-year agreement. The mystery game is in development for multiple platforms, will run on an all-new engine and is currently code-named "Tiger."

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All I want is the Halo 2 ranking system and NOT the Call Of Duty style system everyone currently uses.

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@ holtrocks, @Zloth2, Halo didn't start on the PC, you are thinking of Bungie's original plan to make a Sci-fi RTS for the PC around the same time. This later changed into what we now call Halo

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The thing I'll miss most about Bungie working on the Halo series is the incredible music by Martin O'Donnell. The man is a legend in my book.

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Damn this is so sad. I just hope Bungie will go on to do great things and 343 can continue the halo franchise in a way which will make both Bungie and the fans proud. I salute you Bungie.

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this is like christopher nolan giving charge to uwe boll to direct inception 2.

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And then Call of Duty: Alein Warfare is announced.

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@Zloth2 what makes you think they haven't?

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I hope 343 takes Halo in a new, better direction. I want the visuals to look more like Halo Wars, more realistic, and not so cartooney. Hopefully they can inject new life into the game. After Halo 2 the series went downhill in my opinion. The original Halo was awesome, Halo 2 was ok with great multiplayer, and everything else was just meh. The campaign should be EPIC!!! I haven't gotten that impression since Combat Evolved. So I'm hoping 343 takes Halo back to its' roots with a realistic, rugged look to it. Bungie, farewell and good luck. Look forward to more great ip's from you in the future.

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Halo started on PC but Bungie started on the Macintosh. Take your shirt off Master Chief, it's time to milk this franchise to death.

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@holtrocks [quote="You"]Really hope Halo 4 is on PC, don't thumb me down fanboys because Halo started on the PC has did gaming in general.[/quote]

Halo on the PC was supposed to be [url=<< LINK REMOVED >>://www.bungie.net/Inside/CustomPage.aspx?section=History&subsection=Main&page=6]a strategy game[/url]. :roll:

The sci-fi shooter that we have now didn't start on the PC - it started on the Xbox after << LINK REMOVED >>.

I am ambivalent about this shooter franchise, but I still have something to say about any PC version of this next Halo game: a honey-trap for those who think that Halo should go back to its PC "roots".

If Microsoft even bothers to make a Windows version at all.

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Ah well the ride was fun with you guys at Bungie and now I am looking forward to Halo 4 by 343 Industries and hope they make it as great as the first 3 games were..

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It's been a nice run for them. I am glad they handed the series over to another delevoper instead of ending it. I had so much fun on Halo games, especially Halo Reach. :) I know 343 will do a great job keeping the games fun.

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Bungie, thank you for the great memories and countless hours of fun, I for one am excited to see what they have up their sleeve for either system or all systems. For those who say, "If Bungie doesn't make Halo, I won't play it." That's your prerogative and I respect that fully and you for it, what I'm saying here is, let's give 343 Industries (mind you like Barighm posted earlier "the best and brightest talent has been poached from Bungie and basically is Ensemble studios") an opportunity. Remember, 343 did a straight port from the classic Halo Combat Evolved; at least they understand the mechanics and logistics of what is Halo's DNA. I agree, it will take some creative writing to keep all Halo fans intrigued but lets give them a chance. Let's wait till the finished product has been played and then, make a decision of either yay or nay, I know change can be hard at times but not all change is bad. Let US pretend for a moment YOU just got hired at 343 to produce the next Halo title.............................................now that you had a moment to think about it, wouldn't you want the world to give YOU a chance to see what YOUR talent can produce? Bungie and 343 my best wishes on your future endowers. Long live ALL consoles!!

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I can't wait!! Halo 4 is going to set yet another High bar for games period. good thing 343 studios doesn't have to worry about the lest common denominator, the over priced internet ready blu ray player. Now this game will take full advantage of the amazing lighting, frame rates, SSAO, high res textures, particle effects, alpha transparencies, and SUPERIOR anti-aliasing afforded by the SUPERIOR Xbox 360 hardware. All with no M A N D A T O R Y install like 99% of ps3 games. Man it's good to be a gamer on the most advanced and SUPERIOR gaming console on the market, Xbox 360 baby!! BANG!! "Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVER made." --John Carmack

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Really hope Halo 4 is on PC, don't thumb me down fanboys because Halo started on the PC has did gaming in general.

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i Hope Bungie Does great things in the future good luck to you guys!

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There are more actual Bungie alumni involved with Halo 4 than there was with Reach. Didn't anyone check 343's personnel roster? It's basically Ensemble studios + the best and brightest talent poached from Bungie. Heck, the changes they've made to Reach's multiplayer already feels more like the old Halo. The game is in GOOD hands.

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Sad, but I'm excited for both the future of Halo and Bungie.

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I'm not sure how to feel about this.. I mean the only reason I still an x box 360 is to play Reach... I guess we'll figure it out when 343 launches Halo 4.. but if it fails... I'll stick to pc gaming.

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without bungie i'm not interested in the halo games.

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I don't care, Bungie ruined the series with Reach. I should have quit with ODST, what a rip-off. Giving it to a new developer won't change anything.

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It's been a wild ride Bungie. Good luck to you.

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Well I will miss seeing the Bungie logo everytime I start any of the new Halo games up. I hope 343 can do something with the franchise. I know some 343 people are from Bungie too. Now get working on the next Marathon ! :)

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weird but i like the handover...bungie did a great job but now the game needed a change

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OH YEAH MILK IT BABY, MILK IT LIKE COD OH YEAH! That was sarcasm, the only good campaign for Halo was the 1st one. Can't comment on Multiplayer because I only tryed multiplayer on Halo 3.

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Awesome!! Can't wait to see what they do with the franchise.