Bungie Cancels Destiny 2's Trials Of Osiris Again

We still haven't seen Destiny 2's peak multiplayer challenge since the release of the Beyond Light expansion, thanks to some apparent bugs.


If you were looking forward to taking part in Destiny 2's Trials of Osiris this week, Bungie has some bad news for you. The multiplayer tournament is again postponed, thanks to some unnamed issue Bungie discovered with the mode.

Bungie said on Twitter that the weekend Trials of Osiris mode wouldn't go live as planned today, November 27. The tweet says also says that Bungie isn't sure exactly when Trials will come back to the game.

Bungie previously let players know that Trials was off the table soon after the release of the Beyond Light expansion. At the time, Bungie also didn't make clear what issue it had discovered with Trials, but had previously set the date for its return as Friday, November 27.

That can be frustrating for players, since the Trials of Osiris event sees some new changes with the release of Beyond Light. It now includes some special, high-level gear rewards, called Adept weapons. These are guns that come "Masterworked," which means they get a big bonus to one of its major stats like range or reload speed, and also get a minor boost to every other stat as well. All those bonuses will likely make Adept weapons the best in the game.

The Adept guns are extremely hard to get, however--you need to get a "flawless" Trials run, which means racking up seven wins in a row with zero losses. That's extremely tough, especially since Bungie's matchmaking is tuned so that the more wins you rack up, the more likely you are to face off against someone else who also is on their way to a flawless run.

While you're waiting for Trials to come back, there are at least lots of other things to do in Destiny 2. Check out our guides to unlock new Exotics, including Salvation's Grip, Cloudstrike, and The Lament.

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