Bungie Admits Destiny Nightfall Rewards Are So Bad It Can "Feel Like Losing"

"We're gonna fix it."


Rewards for completing Destiny's new Nightfall Strikes are, in creative director Luke Smith's own words, "underwhelming." As such, Bungie is going to adjust the system through a future update to deliver more substantial rewards to players who complete the challenging missions.

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"Nightfall Rewards can be underwhelming," Smith said on Twitter. "Runes/low # of coins/no reputation burst/weak legendaries all feel like losing. We're gonna fix it."

The Taken King received high praise at launch in September, but not everyone was happy with the changes made to Nightfall events. Before, drops were random, but you always received a reputation buff with whatever you received. With The Taken King, however, this reputation buff was removed.

Instead, players receive consumable items like Strange Coins or an allotment of Three of Coins for their efforts. With the current rewards system, some feel like they wasted their time doing the new Nightfall Strikes because the reward isn't as compelling as it once was.

Thankfully for fans, this is going to change in the future. However, Smith has not provided any specifics regarding how Bungie will "fix" the existing setup.

In other recent Destiny news, the game now supports microtransactions by way of 18 different emotes that you can buy using the new in-game currency, Silver. There is even an emote based on "the Carlton" dance made famous '90s TV show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In addition, update 2.0.1 nerfed shotguns.

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