Bulletstorm 'Gun Sonata' DLC out this spring

First wave of post-release add-on content for shooter announced; $10 content bundles three new maps for Anarchy mode, two new locales for Echo game type; not listed for PC thus far.


No Caption Provided People Can Fly's first-person shooter Bulletstorm soared to retail on Tuesday behind a warm critical reception. Now, the studio has announced it will support the title with new multiplayer maps beginning this spring.
The forecast is for another Bulletstorm.
The forecast is for another Bulletstorm.

The Gun Sonata downloadable content for Bulletstorm will include three new maps for the game’s Anarchy multiplayer mode: the murky Sewers of Stygia, the ruins of Hotel Elysium, and the more expansive Villa. Additionally, the new DLC will add two new environments for the game's score-attack Echo mode: Crash Site and Guns of Stygia.

Further, gamers will earn additional ways to kill with skill with the Gun Sonata content. Two new Leash enhancements are bundled with the DLC: the Flamingo and the Pulp. Publisher Electronic Arts did not note what these new augments are capable of.

The Gun Sonata map pack will debut on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network beginning this spring priced at 800 Microsoft points, or $10. No PC release of the content was mentioned.

For more on the just-released shooter, check out GameSpot's review of Bulletstorm.

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