Bujingai signed for North America

Bam! Entertainment announces that it will publish Taito's third-person action game in North America in May.


Bam! Entertainment has today announced that it will publish Bujingai: The Forsaken City in North America in May. Developed for Taito by Red Entertainment, Bujingai is a Hong Kong movie-inspired third-person action game in which players assume the role of a spellcasting, gravity-defying warrior named Lau in postapocalyptic Asia.

"We feel that Bam! is the ideal publisher to bring Bujingai to the US market," said Hironori Ishii, general manager of overseas releases at Taito. "Bam!'s knowledge of the North American market made them the right choice to get this great game in front of an even greater audience of PlayStation 2 fans. We are delighted that Bam! shares our enthusiasm for bringing this unique martial arts experience to gamers across North America."

"We are very pleased and excited to have the opportunity to be working with Taito in bringing its product to North America," said Ray Musci, chief executive officer of Bam! Entertainment. "It is obvious that the team at Red Entertainment has put its heart and soul into creating one of the most outstanding and unique martial arts games available on the PlayStation 2. Bujingai has received strong editorial acclaim since its launch in Japan, and we believe that this product will have equal appeal and reception in the US market."

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