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Build Your Own Batmobile And Learn About Electronics With This New Kickstarter Project

While it's not a full-sized Batmobile, CircuitMess's replica of Batman's signature crime-fighting vehicle is adorable and educational.


Unless you're born into a family of billionaires or prepared to do terrible things to make some cash, it's highly likely that you'll never own a full-size replica of the Batmobile. Alternatively, you can back a project that will give you a pocket-sized Batmobile with remote control features and a crash course in electronics, coding, engineering, and several other skills. CircuitMess has launched its latest Kickstarter campaign, this time offering an AI-powered Batmobile that can drive around your home looking for crimes to stop.

The entire kit comes disassembled, and you'll need to put the parts together yourself to build the Batmobile before you move on to the coding part of the build. CircuitMess says that the kit is designed for anyone seven years or older, and comes with a range of instructions that will teach you how autonomous vehicles work, how to code a microcomputer, how computers track objects, and developing your own computer vision algorithm.

CircuitMess Batmobile
CircuitMess Batmobile

To get your hands on a Batmobile kit, you can pledge on Kickstarter with the $99 tier that includes the full kit and a controller. At the $139 tier, you'll receive gyroscope and accelerometer modules, an air pressure sensor magnetic snap-on module, white LEDs, and humidity sensors for the Batmobile build. More tiers offer even more bonus parts, such as a $5,400 package that gives you everything you need to build an entire fleet of Batmobiles.

The Kickstarter blew past its original funding goal of $15,000 in just two hours and has over $267,000 in pledges at the time of writing this article. If you'd prefer a different type of Batmobile that comes ready to flatten crime right out of the box, there's an option for that as well.

You should also check out the Nibble, an earlier project from CircuitMess that is ideal for both kids and adults. The Nibble is a DIY handheld game console that plays classic games, and you can even code your own games for this neat little handheld.

With The Batman arriving next year in cinemas, merchandise for the Matt Reeves-directed film has begun to go on sale. Right now, you can check out a brand-new Hot Wheels collectible Batmobile which recreates the iconic car at a smaller scale and even features a tiny Pattman inside of it.

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