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Build-A-Bear Baby Yoda Is Coming Soon, So 2020 Isn't All Bad

Build-your-own Baby Yoda? Sign me up.


Build-A-Bear is entering the Baby Yoda plush wars. As reported by Business Insider, Build-A-Bear will release a build-your-own Baby Yoda within the next few months. Baby Yoda's arrival at Build-A-Bear isn't exactly surprising given the character's immense popularity, but it is quite exciting.

Build-A-Bear CEO Sharon Price John announced the news at the ICR Conference, a large conference for investors in Orlando, Florida. According to Business Insider, John claimed that Build-A-Bear began working on the design alongside Disney and Lucasfilm after the first episode of The Mandalorian aired last November.

Build-A-Bear is no longer just a place where parents drop a ton of cash on accessories for stuffed animals. In recent years, Build-A-Bear has released products based on Pokemon, Star Wars, Deadpool, DC Comics, and even officially licensed NFL and NBA bears. The range of notable entertainment properties has bolstered Build-A-Bear's popularity amongst adults, and Baby Yoda will probably contribute to this trend.

I would hope that anyone who goes to Build-A-Bear to make a Baby Yoda will give him his default outfit and name him Baby Yoda on his birth certificate. But hey, it's your Baby Yoda. Build-A-Bear hasn't revealed a price for Baby Yoda, but if you've shopped there before, you know it probably won't be cheap.

Baby Yoda's many admirers will have plenty of plush options to choose from in the coming months. Hasbro is releasing a talking Baby Yoda plush to combat Mattel's Baby Yoda plush, which is currently sold out. Disney also has an adorable plush of its own that's available for pre-order. It's possible that all of these Baby Yoda plushies could sell out before they release this spring.

Maybe 2020 will be the year people camp outside of Build-A-Bear for the chance to build their own Baby Yoda.

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