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Bugsnax's Isle Of Bigsnax DLC Will Now Have New Trophies

A big thank you to the PlayStation trophy community.


Bugsnax developer Young Horses has announced that the game's upcoming Isle of Bigsnax DLC will be receiving additional trophies on PlayStation.

Originally, the new update for Bugsnax wasn't going to come with any new trophies. However, following some community feedback on Twitter, the developer decided to add them in.

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A fan had first asked if new trophies were going to be added, but Young Horses said that they weren't at the time. Not giving up, the unnamed fan jokingly offered to come up with a trophy list for free for the developer. Surprisingly, the studio relented and now new trophies for the Bigsnax DLC is coming.

"We saw these tweets and about 20 minutes later in team chat the sentiment was, 'I guess we’re adding new trophies,'" says Young Horses co-founder and president Philip Tibotoski.

The Isle of Bigsnax was announced earlier this week during PlayStation's State of Play presentation. Its story will still take place on Snaktooth island, a place with prehistoric species preserved in the ocean until now. It will have brand new places and Snax to discover. The Isle of Bigsnax launches sometime in 2022 on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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