Budget-Priced Nvidia Video Card Launching Soon To Compete With AMD's Cheap Cards

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Amid the release of AMD's new RX 500 series of video cards--which includes the budget-friendly RX 550--Nvidia reportedly plans to top off the GeForce 10 series with the cheap GT 1030. The new card will use the same Pascal architecture as the rest of Nvidia's 10 series.

According to Guru3D, the GT 1030 will be equipped with 512 shader processors and could use the GP107 core used in the GTX 1050 or an unreleased GP108 core. It's also said to be available sometime next month. And while a price has not been set for the card, it will compete with the RX 550, which can be found around $80. Nvidia is also rumored to release slightly faster version of the GT 1030, called the GT 1040.

These budget-level graphics cards are aimed to be a substantial upgrade over integrated graphics processors (IGP). While you won't be maxing out any modern games with the RX 550 and the upcoming GT 1030, they're designed to be sufficient for running less demanding but popular games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and even Overwatch.

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