Bubble Bobble blows onto PSPs

Rising Star brings bubble-popping dinosaurs to Sony's handheld with new gameplay elements.


UK-based Rising Star today announced that it is publishing Bubble Bobble Evolution for the PSP. The game is the latest iteration of the popular franchise, and the first for Sony's handheld.

Bubble Bobble Evolution will feature the classic gameplay of the series, pitting enemies against heroes Bub and Bob, who are armed with...bubbles. However, in addition to having you trap foes in spheres, Rising Star is adding some new elements.

The game will feature three screens on a "spindle," which the player can move between. Puzzle solving is added to the mix, as gamers will explore the three screens to get items needed for use in other screens.

"This isn't Bubble Bobble as fans of the series are used to," says the game's producer, Tony Byus. "This is an entirely new game, and with these puzzle elements included, it is literally an evolution of the original game design concept."

Rising Star has not announced a release date for Bubble Bobble Evolution.

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