BSA drops lawsuit against MindArk

Swedish game developer contemplating countersuing software heavyweights Microsoft, Adobe, and others.


Swedish Game Developer MindArk, developer of the massively multiplayer online game Project Entropia, today announced that the two-year legal battle between the company and the Business Software Alliance has come to a close. The suit has been dropped upon finding that MindArk was not illegally using business software from companies such as Microsoft, Macromedia, and Adobe Systems.

"Even with the continued success of Project Entropia, MindArk will not disregard the fact that it has been hurt by the lawsuit," says Marco Behrmann, MindArk director of community relations. "MindArk is prepared to countersue the BSA and other responsible members for damages caused by their actions. We want to get back the monetary loss from the past two years and give back to our loyal Project Entropia members."

The legal proceedings began in 2002, when the BSA, a conglomerate of software companies in union against piracy, claimed that MindArk illegally used various programs to run its business. MindArk successfully proved that it had attained all of its software legally and that no copyrights were infringed on.

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