Brutal Overwatch 2 Bug Apparently Buys Skins From Shop, Now Fixed

A bug in Overwatch 2 involving text chat can cause the game to buy skins from the in-game shop, but it's fixed now.


Overwatch 2 might be one of the biggest games in the world, but its launch has been anything but seamless. Now, some fans are reporting a nasty glitch that can cause the game to randomly buy skins in the in-game shop for premium currency. Ouch.

While this issue appears to be fixed, it impacted users typing in the in-game chat while also viewing the hero gallery. The Overwatch 2 client interpreted the user's keypresses as menu shortcuts, which in-turn caused them to accidentally buy a skin that they don't want for real money.

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There's a bug report covering this issue from the Overwatch 2 beta back in May. However, it came to the wider attention of the Overwatch community via a series of posts in the game's subreddit. Though one of those posts indicates that the issue is fixed, the poster has not yet received a refund for their errant purchase. Considering they only lost 300 credits in the exchange, they can probably count that as a win.

Overwatch 2 has received generally positive reviews from critics, as shown by our sister site Metacritic, but fan response has been polarized. Early server woes marred the game's launch period, as well as the controversial decision to require users to submit a valid phone number to play the game. Blizzard has since reversed that policy for some users. While it's nice that the bug is now fixed, let's hope that the affected users can get refunds, especially if they purchased a legendary.

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