Brutal Legend, Ghostbusters, more dropped by Activision

Publisher passes on a slew of Vivendi Games' in-development titles; 50 Cent, World in Conflict: Soviet Assault, Wet also affected.


Earlier today, Activision Publishing announced a streamlining of its Vivendi Games operations, saying it would be bringing into the fold five of that company's franchises: Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Ice Age, Prototype, and one unannounced game.

An Activision representative later confirmed for GameSpot that those would be the only Vivendi Games franchises coming out of the publisher. That leaves a number of high-profile projects in limbo, including Double Fine Productions' Brutal Legend, as well as Wet, Ghostbusters, Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, World at Conflict: Soviet Assault, 50 Cent Blood on the Sand, Zombie Wranglers, Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust, plus several Xbox Live Arcade titles.

"The only franchises that Activision Publishing will release are based on Crash Bandicoot, Ice Age and Spyro, as well as Prototype, and one other game that has not yet been announced," the representative said. "We are reviewing our options regarding those titles that we will not be publishing."

Activision Blizzard has other publishing arms like Blizzard Entertainment and Activision Value that were not covered by the press release and could be among the options being reviewed. As of press time, representatives from those companies did not return requests for comment.

A scheduled Comic-Con International panel on the Ghostbusters game was abruptly cancelled last week, with no explanation given to attendees. However, the game was on the show floor in playable form.

[UPDATE]: A Sierra Games representative told GameSpot he couldn't speak about all the titles on the list in need of a publisher, but stressed that Ghostbusters is not canceled.

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wow this is beyond pathetic, why drop Ghostbusters and the chronicles of riddick for Ice age? what happened to good old common sense?

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What the hell was this about...I didn't expect I 'd say that,but Activision just dropped behind EA.

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my God is wet cancelled? say it isn't so.

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im really hoping someone picks up WET maybe ubisoft i mean look you get a game that you has already been produced pretty much so you dont have to pay the extreme production costs therefore they could make a pretty penny off it also activision said they only want games that can produce yearly cycles thats stupid activison is becoming a EA greedy

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"Ghostbusters is not canceled" Thank God!

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I had hopes for Activision in reality. They usualy bring out a good product. I really hope Wet can get it's highlights on the shelves, maybe Capcom can publish it, they'd make some good dough, so many people are anticipating that game. Ghostbusters looks good, but I'm worried that the game will actualy be a sorded piece of crap when you actualy play it.

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What a freaking joke.

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This should be the letter Activision releases following this news: Dear Gamers, We know that many people may be upset by our recent decision to cut back some of our production and publishing goals. However, we want you to know that we believe that what we are doing is in the best interest of the company. By continuing to actually make decent games that people want to play we will be contributing to the laziness that is dragging down the economy. So therefore Activision has decided to make the worst games possible, because it is in the best interests of everyone. Thank you for playing. GAME OVER

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i hope Wet doesnt get cancelled, i was lookin forward to that game.

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WiC cancelled for Spyro!?

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'Despite 40% jump in quarterly revenue, losses lead megapublisher to pink-slip more than 500 employees; Madden sells 4.5 million' I think we have all had enough of this crap. Hey! I have an Idea. Lets cut all of the CEO/CFO salaries by 90 percent, recover the last 3 years of bonus $ from them and then give 50 percent of the people their jobs back and publish all of the games! Or is it FINALLY time for all of us to GET OFF the COUCH and kick some REAL BUTT off the screen!!

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*crosses his fingers* Wet needs a publisher, was looking forward to that game! As well as Ghostbusters!

Avatar image for FrankieDooSpace

I was also looking forward to Ghostbusters for Halloween! :( Damn companies!

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Well I hope Wet gets a publisher, I think it could do very well.

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Those people need to die a peasants death! =O I can't belive they would do that! I was so excited about Soviet Assault and Ghostbusters! This is laaame! From now on I'm thinking twice about buying a Activison game -_-

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Wet... :(

Avatar image for lop890

good games cancelled for garbage games wt**** people spyro the dragon ice age has thw world gone mad! i know where this is going some1 buying a company so cancelled games are coming up worse only trash game coming out

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man somebody needs to pick up brutal legend and at least riddick how could they pick ice age over them i guess all about a dolla who ever picks up brutal legend is gonna see crack money

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Supperdude9, The game isn't coming out because it was dropped by Activision as the publisher. This does not mean that they won't be picked up by another one. Generally, GameStop won't allow the reserve of a title that hasn't got a relatively solid release date, and being that they haven't gotten a new publisher yet, there's no guarantee of its future existance. Once they pick up a new publisher, however, you can rest assured that the title will be available for reserve once more. Let's just hope that Ghostbusters won't be dropped again by another publisher.

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Seriously, putting a bunch of pretty no-name titles over ghostbusters? Even if it isn't cancelled, it puts it's release date past halloween easily, and I really was looking forward to getting it this christmas!

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I was so excited to read about Brutal Legend and Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena in Game Informer last year. This sucks! :(

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Forgive my double...ehm...Triple post (stupid double click). I just came back from Gamestop. One of the guys there says they got an email last night saying that GAMESTOP would not be carrying Ghostbusters. So...maybe there IS a chance that this game can come out, but not through Gamestop. He cited that the same thing happened to Chibi Robo...that they got an email saying that they would not sell it, but it sold at other may have been the DS version of Chibi that he was talking about, I don't know. BUT! There is a chance that this game can still come out. Again, just not through Gamestop.

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Oh man. I just got a call from Gamestop saying that Ghostbusters won't be published or something like that. I believe the words were "the publisher has decided not to publish Ghostbusters". And they were telling me if I wanted to tranfer my pre-order credits to anything else that I should come in and do so. Gamestop has cancelled my pre-order of Ghostbusters. This ticks me off. And guys, I'm just telling you the phone call I just got. This was like 5 minutes ago.

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Man, if Ghostbusters doesn't come out. I'll cry like a little baby in my mothers sweet arms! Like I do each and every day :(

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what the f***?!? They are going to put out a f***ing ice age movie over the new chronicles of riddick? Are they out of their damn minds? Do they not remember the other riddick game being one of if not the best XBOX game? What a group of damn fools. I will be pissed if the drop riddick, ghostbusters, world in conflict, and wet.

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assault on dark athena canceled??? Or are they thinking about canceling it??? Dear Lord, they're gonna develop a Spyro game over a Riddick game. oh well.....

Avatar image for The_Dude1212

Okay...had a bit of a panic attack that Ghostbusters was cancelled...but we're okay... Excellent. Now, what about Starcraft?!

Avatar image for ElmoKajaky

They better not cancel Leisure Suit Larry and Ghostbusters! The market needs more games with a sense of humor!

Avatar image for clintbrew

Actionvision are going to lose out on Money if they passover Ghostbusters

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Wet would probably be picked up by THQ. Brutal Legend would probably be published by Midway. Riddick should be picked up by Atari but Starbreeze Studios should continue working on it, finish it, give reviewers the final game, if there are any bugs, Starbreeze will correct them, this would continue until the final build will be universally acclaimed, hire Atari to publish it, and release it. HoHowever, due to Atari's fiancial issues, Starbreeze will instead spend money on marketing it,

Avatar image for Space_Godzillla

Hopefully no one is stupid enough to pick up publishing rights for 15 cents game.

Avatar image for Damnation_6

Hmmm hearing this I'm beginning to doubt if this deal was good to begin with......

Avatar image for sonicpsycho13

Why did Activision choose to keep bad franchises: a dead platformer, dead platformer, movie tie-in, crippled game. Brutal Legend sounds great, if only because it's developed by Tim Schafer.

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wts brutal legends????? fforgive em if its new!!!!!

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Jesus, how stupid would Vivendi be to pass up on Riddick. The movies were nothing special, but the game was stunning. I'd also take half of Brutal Legend over the whole of the next two CoD's.. and I LIKE CoD.

Avatar image for Absolutezerr

NO BRUTAL LEGEND? I really hope this report is just a gross exaggeration, I wanted to play that game very badly.

Avatar image for YoJim8obaJoe

how can riddick be cancelled?the films and game kicked ass,and now the game and movie sequels are both canceled.NOOOOOOOO. Also the guy who played ray in ghostbusters said they are making a part 3 and it will be CGI so the characters wont look like they need a zimaframe

Avatar image for -HaloHitman-

I want to play brutal legend.

Avatar image for cwhas2godhands

i didn't think the e3 demos of ghostbusters looked very good, the library book monster level looked boring. Think a new ghostbusters movie would be a better idea. They better hury though, the original ghostbusters are getting very old, if you no what i mean.

Avatar image for fredwv

not ghostbusters!!! noooo

Avatar image for residentzombie2

The fact that Activision is dropping publishing the game doesn't mean the game won't come out. The devs on the game already said the games IS going to come out, several websites confirm this. Gamespot is relying on Media sensationalism to keep readers coming back to this site. More hits on Gamespot equals higher revenue from advertisers ala Gerstmann Gate

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It seems dreadfully late to drop Ghostbusters especially after all the hype it has. At least Crash and Spyro are safe, but I though Crash was Naughty Dog, are they still around?

Avatar image for dj_c4

There's no way they will drop Ghost Busters after all the voice acting, modelling and what not. Christ, you can already watch game play clips. Will it be delayed? probably. But I cant imagine the production money they would be wasting by pulling the plug at this point.

Avatar image for Jshaw71

very, very stupid of activion to drop ghostbusters, it'll find another publisher and make a lot of money, hopefully actvision will see the error of their ways

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i have went right off ea games so much i refuse to buy there titles anymore due to there severs being rubbish, have had problems with most of my ea games connecting to servers, just when ur in the mood to play a certain game, cannot connect to ea sever comes up, put me right off them, this happened with lotr battle for middle earth, army of 2, and c and c, also it happens on battlefield bc.

Avatar image for ElectrolightSH

Riddick: Dark Athena and Wet look like they would be really great games and a huge hit, I don't know why Activision would cancel them.

Avatar image for Ek-Andy

"Thanks for making me look like a fool Activision by believing you wouldn't turn into what we hate most about EA." Just to point this out, Activison are just as bad for milking games as EA ever was. Infact save for EA sports, EA games are almost allways of a consitently higher quality that Activision. Activision are brilliant at spending as little money as possible, and making as much of it back. Think im wrong? Why don't you have a look at both EA's and Activisons titles for the past 3 years.