Brutal Legend, Ghostbusters, more dropped by Activision

Publisher passes on a slew of Vivendi Games' in-development titles; 50 Cent, World in Conflict: Soviet Assault, Wet also affected.


Earlier today, Activision Publishing announced a streamlining of its Vivendi Games operations, saying it would be bringing into the fold five of that company's franchises: Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Ice Age, Prototype, and one unannounced game.

An Activision representative later confirmed for GameSpot that those would be the only Vivendi Games franchises coming out of the publisher. That leaves a number of high-profile projects in limbo, including Double Fine Productions' Brutal Legend, as well as Wet, Ghostbusters, Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, World at Conflict: Soviet Assault, 50 Cent Blood on the Sand, Zombie Wranglers, Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust, plus several Xbox Live Arcade titles.

"The only franchises that Activision Publishing will release are based on Crash Bandicoot, Ice Age and Spyro, as well as Prototype, and one other game that has not yet been announced," the representative said. "We are reviewing our options regarding those titles that we will not be publishing."

Activision Blizzard has other publishing arms like Blizzard Entertainment and Activision Value that were not covered by the press release and could be among the options being reviewed. As of press time, representatives from those companies did not return requests for comment.

A scheduled Comic-Con International panel on the Ghostbusters game was abruptly cancelled last week, with no explanation given to attendees. However, the game was on the show floor in playable form.

[UPDATE]: A Sierra Games representative told GameSpot he couldn't speak about all the titles on the list in need of a publisher, but stressed that Ghostbusters is not canceled.

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happy that ghostbusters is back on track. 50 cent? was anyone really wanting this game to begin with? stupid concept if you ask me

Avatar image for Avals

It should be "World IN conflict" not "at"...

Avatar image for ocdog45

world at conflict being shut down like this pisses me off.

Avatar image for Znuck_King_Ling

I'm just disappointed that some of these games might get cancelled. I was kind of really looking forward to Brutal Legend.

Avatar image for Yoshikilla26

50 who??

Avatar image for solidsnake7882

I'm getting a bit miffed at gamespots reporting lately. Rule numero uno about reporting news......CONFORMATION!

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son no wet or 50 cent because of spyro and ice age?! What the ****?!

Avatar image for kelly_mrt

very poor reactionary and unprofessional "journalism" on GameSpot's behalf. Why no validation in the first instance? Don't you guys depend on subscriptions as revenue? Like to keep some of them? Very poor, guys, get yourselves sorted.

Avatar image for WarGameJunkie

I've held off trying to make the World in Conflict PC version run on my PC because I thought it was coming for the 360. If they cancel this game that just sucks. IMO it could be a great game on the 360.

Avatar image for theunloved

This bit of news saddens me. Many of those games, I was looking forward too. I can only hope for the best.

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Avatar image for Diernes

what the hell! cancelling all these great sounding releases for utter crap like that?

Avatar image for rharrigal

Ghostbusters better come out. no joke i hav been waiting for this game since october

Avatar image for corp-hicks1

I hope World at Conflict: Soviet Assault come out.

Avatar image for Krazy-K

Damn..... Wet looked good.

Avatar image for Merl57

NO GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Avatar image for diangelogrey

Geez they really have left a lot of fans in limbo with these titles possible being dropped. I really hope they release a lot of these.

Avatar image for King9999

Good to know Ghostbusters is going to survive, at least. I could care less about the rest...

Avatar image for Deluhathol

Haha, good to see the 50 cent game in trouble, pity about Riddick and World in Conflict though, so it's a mixed blessing :)

Avatar image for Dill-Man

They picked a lot of good games to drop, and a lot of bad ones to keep... this is total crap, I hope Riddick, Ghostbusters, Brutal Legend, and WiC get picked up

Avatar image for crills

no blood in the sand noooooo. i know his first game was trash but this one looks good and it was useing the unreal engine and kind off reminded me off a urban gears of war. oh well hopefully fifty will put some of his money and get it done and ghost buster looked great what are these big wigs at them offices thinking

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Ghostbusters was almost complete and a few months from shipping?!?!?! This was one game I was looking forward to this fall. Especially with the original cast being involved. I gotta believe that this game will come out eventually, but this just sux right now!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed until I here some good news.

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I don't believe they even thought of canceling Ghostbusters. But if they did that would of been a major mistake. I have been waiting of this game since the Trailer came out.

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I don't think they're going to cancel Ghostbusters owing to all the hype, and how much money they'd lose if they did.

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I hope Brutal Legend finds a publisher soon. I can't wait to play that game.

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Man, I have several things to say about this. 1.) I didn't know that Sierra Games was a subsidary of Activision Blizzard. 2.) Prototype is a game being made by Radical Entertainment, the people who made Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (the 2005 hulk game), so that has a good chance of being a good game. 3.) Spyro and Crash= Average at best nowadays. Same goes for an Ice Age game. 4.) I was always curious what a ghost catching game would be like, so I hope Ghostbusters doesn't get the boot. 5.) Brutal Legends... never heard of it (sorry...). 6.) A lot of those games seemed to be good. They should just only put them off for a bit, not drop them. Lucky 7.) 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand being dropped= Good news. All in all, I say this bit of news gets a 6/10.

Avatar image for fauljosh

Thank god 50 Cent was canceled!!!!!!

Avatar image for metalgeekguy

Ghostbusters would almost definately be a sure fire hit if it's done right (seriously, has there ever been a GOOD Ghostbusters game?) and the amount of hype that's already been put behind that kind of makes it Vapor proof. Of course, that depends entirely on there being a halfway intelligent person making these decisions over at acti-blizz. And the fact that two of the four franchises confirmed to be kept were great on the PS1 and never again worth a damn means that.......yeah this company is screwed. As for Brutal Legend, I can see why might get pulled. Because Guitar Hero and Rock Band already proved that nobody who listens to metal plays video games.

Avatar image for carlind1

I guess I'm not gonna call Ghostbusters. Bustin' made me feel good but no more.

Avatar image for Big_Evil666

Well, good at least Ghostbusters gets a go ahead and gets spared the chopping block, but what happens to everything else?

Avatar image for colbster

I don't know how Activision is still in business. They've made some of the worst decisions and worst games ever released. Why would you keep Ice Age and Crash over Ghostbusters? Idiots!

Avatar image for blank3k

Kinda laughed at dmish82's reply about the "All there interested in is $$$$$$$"" Surely the potential bombshell of dropping... 9 titles & then keeping only 5 titles is quality over quanity at its best. Anyways, i dont see them dumping ghostbusters etc there pretty unique & wanted games, rather than the EA-Class pump out 20 games in 6months with the same graphics engines, same gameplay & a new sticker cheap industrial-level money farms.

Avatar image for parrot_of_adun

God damnit. I knew this merger was a bad idea.

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YES! they didnt cancel Ghostbuster phew ... they could of cancled ice age those games is always horrible ...... and also cancel crash he also sucks

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Brutal legend better still come out. IT go an entire magazine spread dedicated to it, not many games can say that. THE FANS WANT IT!!!!

Avatar image for Boxfire

World in conflict, ghost busters, are sure fire hits. Wet looks sweet. I will play any game with a hot chick and a title like that.. I mean action game ....

Avatar image for pantweasel

If Brutal Legend is canceled, I will be SO angry.

Avatar image for athenian29

This merger is ruining way too many great new IPs.

Avatar image for spikedwraith

"oh really. sounds cool then. hope it gets picked back up lol." I know, i heard about it the other day and thought "Bout damn time" and now this...Someone out there best pick it back up lol

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I hate you more by the day Activision. $$$, $$$, $$$ is all you seem to care about anymore.

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Biggy, CoD3 and CoD5 (World at War) are being handled by Treyarch. Of course I can blame Activision, they wanted a CoD every year so they had Treyarch and Infinity Ward takes turns making a CoD so they can release 1 every year e.i. IW was working on CoD4 when CoD3 released, when CoD4 released, Treyarch was working on CoD5 (WaW). I can also blame Activision for dropping potential solid games which may not be picked up by anybody and instead, we'll get crappy games from Activision.

Avatar image for gandalf_storm

if ghostbusters doesnt come out i`ll cry, so looking forward to this :(

Avatar image for biggy887766

as far as i see it they are letting their company ride on 2 games, prototype and the unknown game and @forsbergfan21, cod5 isnt even made by activision so you cant really blame them if it sucks, cod is their IP but cod5 and cod3 were both handled by infinity ward, so of course cod5 looks crappy.

Avatar image for gamerTag-shank

There's a good chance these titles will be picked up by another publisher.

Avatar image for ForsbergFan21

Good job Activision, you guys look like a bunch of idiots in the gaming industry. You decide to keep Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, both franchises past their prime and haven't been good since I don't know, the PS1 days and what's with Ice Age, does anyone really care about a Ice Age game even so, I really doubt it has any potential to be a solid game and I never even heard of Prototype so you got 4 games and I'm buying none of them. On the other hand, you lost 2 potential buys from me with Riddick and Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust which I was really looking forward because the LSL games are great and offer a lot fun and humor. I already have World In Conflict for the PC but I do have to say, wtf are you thinking, WiC was a huge hit for the PC, it was well receieved by critics and gamers and is definitely a solid and high production game. 360 and PS3 owners would surely love this game. A mouse and keyboard is recommend tho. Good Job Activision, you surely pulled a dumbass move considering Call of Duty is really your only sure hit and even then, CoD5 looks kinda weak and boring and I may even skip this title.

Avatar image for Lockedge

Jadeninja, I wholeheartedly agree. Double Fine doesn't make bad games, and World in Conflict is an excellent game, and this new one should be just as good. Ice Age....ugh.

Avatar image for Lostboy1224

Not releasing the Ghostbusters game would be a big mistake, cause there are plenty of people that loved the movies and would buy it for sure. Including me!!!!!! But if they don't like millions of dollars then that is their business.

Avatar image for Kravyn81

You gotta be kidding me?! The only game I was looking forward to was Ghostbusters! Sure, it was probably going to be cheesy but I don't care. What a bunch of damn fools.

Avatar image for -HaloHitman-

Tell me again why they are making 50 cent games.

Avatar image for childe_roland

Shame about Riddick, other than that though, meh.