Brutal Legend, Ghostbusters, more dropped by Activision

Publisher passes on a slew of Vivendi Games' in-development titles; 50 Cent, World in Conflict: Soviet Assault, Wet also affected.


Earlier today, Activision Publishing announced a streamlining of its Vivendi Games operations, saying it would be bringing into the fold five of that company's franchises: Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Ice Age, Prototype, and one unannounced game.

An Activision representative later confirmed for GameSpot that those would be the only Vivendi Games franchises coming out of the publisher. That leaves a number of high-profile projects in limbo, including Double Fine Productions' Brutal Legend, as well as Wet, Ghostbusters, Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, World at Conflict: Soviet Assault, 50 Cent Blood on the Sand, Zombie Wranglers, Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust, plus several Xbox Live Arcade titles.

"The only franchises that Activision Publishing will release are based on Crash Bandicoot, Ice Age and Spyro, as well as Prototype, and one other game that has not yet been announced," the representative said. "We are reviewing our options regarding those titles that we will not be publishing."

Activision Blizzard has other publishing arms like Blizzard Entertainment and Activision Value that were not covered by the press release and could be among the options being reviewed. As of press time, representatives from those companies did not return requests for comment.

A scheduled Comic-Con International panel on the Ghostbusters game was abruptly cancelled last week, with no explanation given to attendees. However, the game was on the show floor in playable form.

[UPDATE]: A Sierra Games representative told GameSpot he couldn't speak about all the titles on the list in need of a publisher, but stressed that Ghostbusters is not canceled.

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This isn't surprising. Activision ran the Tony Hawk series into the ground for profit, then bought and continue to milk a creative franchise (Guitar Hero) for all it's worth. Now that they have merged with Blizzard, they are cutting any potentially unprofitable games. Innovation doesn't pay the bills. I just feel bad for Schafer. He had such a hard time getting a publisher for Psychonauts.

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Wow Activision... the only game i might actually give you money for has possibly been put on the shelf. Im not sure what to say other than you lost my $60, (yet again)

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If Brutal Legend goes into Video Game Purgatory I'm going to be pissed. I didn't like the idea of this Activision/Blizzard merger from the beginning, and now I have even more reason to not like it. Like another f**king EA all of a sudden. Only more stupid.

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haha like they would even touch blizzard's workings

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Brutal Legend looked sorta interesting but I'm really only bummed out by Chronicles of Riddick: Aussault on Dark Athena. It also sucks that they dropped multiplayer in Prototype.

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except for fifty cent :P

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guys the games aren't canceled they just need to find a new publisher, and i'm sure that EA would be glad to screw Activision a lot more especially since all of the listed games are new IPs... It's sad though because i want every game that they decided to drop

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lol...are u kidding? What are they doing? All the games that they are "pausing" are some of the best in gaming today...what the hell are they thinking? I mean Spyro? WTF SPYRO!? WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT SPYRO!? I dont understand this...half the gaming community will clearly see this as BS and they wont get any business at all. I mean what the hell and on top of that they sure as hell better not touch Blizzard. Activision will never in a million years be able to match Blizzards caliber. You better be careful acti...or you'll invoke the wrath of freaking millions.

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GIVE ME MY GHOST BUSTERS. That's one of the games i was (am?) most looking forward to.

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Man, oh man. This has to be the main reason I would never want to code video games. I just don't think I could sit there for months developing a game that might do okay sales wise and then all of sudden be out of a job. Mainly for the fact that it wasn't a Top 10 seller. That has to be the stupidest thing I have heard all year. Have an entire game (Ghostbusters) almost fully developed which looked decent and then just not even decide to publish it. I don't think I could handle the stress, developing games and wondering every night if I would have a job the next morning. Think I will stick with database driven apps instead. I know I will have a job tomorrow.

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ActiBlizzards new thing: screw over it's fanbase.

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Wow, keep Crash Bandicoot - a mediocre platform game; Spyro - another mediocre platform game; Ice Age - wait, they had games? Yet another mediocre platform game; Prototype I don't know about so I can't speak for and obviously I don't know what the other game is. Congrats Activision, you will now be known as the mediocre platform making company! You guys are absolutely DEAD to me. What kind of idiot could cancel the sequel to World in Conflict? Chronicles of Riddick was such a great game and I had forgot all about the sequel but that's a load of BS to cancel that as it would've been a great game. Wasn't really looking forward to Ghostbusters but a lot of people were and that's just bad business Activision. You guys rank below EA now, what a disgrace to the gaming community...

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You mean to tell me the company that has more money than God is dropping off some of the most kick ass games I've been looking forward too? For Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and Ice Age? What The Hell???? At least prototype is looking good, but still. WTF?!?

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they are not CANCELED peple, just in "pause"

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if the games are as good as people reports are saying (apprantly even 50 cent isnt that bad) then a new publisher will jump on board soon enough.

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Congrats.. your HOPES r gone! LOST! Forever.

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if brutal legend is canned the head of activision will pay...

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THIS SUX!! :evil: I was really looking forward to a few of these, specifically Riddick: Dark Athena and WIC: Soviet Assault. Ghostbusters was looking decent too.

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WTF? People hate EA for some dubious stuff... but this is just a douche move on ActiBlizzard's part. How do you just up and sever 5 companies that have promising games?

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Wow! Ghostbusters was looking pretty impressive. They developed their own graphics and physics engine for that one too.Well, I'm pretty sure another publisher will pick those titles up.This was merely a business decision by Activision , which may or may not work out in the long run for them.I think they hung on to the titles that were more familier with gamers and strayed away from the new IPs. Although I think Ghostbusters will be huge!

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What a terrible move.

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screw you too activition

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These games are still in development, people! It's just now they may need to find new publishing partners other than 'Activision Publishing.'

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Nooo!!!! I was so looking forward to Ghostbusters! Surely they can be shopped and possibly be published by another company...hope...

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Wow, Activision must be in major financial trouble right now. Sorry to hear it, some of those games sounded cool

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Good lord! Why are they dropping ACTUAL GAMES that boast admirable sales and come from well reviewed developers? How is Ice Age, a cheap movie tie in property, somehow more valuable than even Ghostbusters?! Let alone World in Conflict, Brutal Legend, and Chronicles of Riddick. Activision is doing as much as they possibly can to disassociate themselves with quality.

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wait so does this mean that Brutal legend is canceled? please someone say no as i thought that game had tons of potential

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that sucks I was excited to see ghostbusters and brutal legend

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Damn, I knew Brutal Legend was too awesome to actually get made. And what was Zombie Wrangler?! That sounds equally awesome! God I need to win the lottery so I can get some great games made.

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You've gotta be kidding me. I've been looking forward to Ghostbusters for so long now, and it might be canned. Awesome.