Brutal Legend DLC part deux due Dec. 17

Double Fine's action adventure expands with four new multiplayer maps, host of customization options later this month; pack will be cheaper on PS3.

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In November, Double Fine rolled out its first batch of downloadable content for Brutal Legend. A multiplayer-oriented add-on, Tears of the Hextadon added two new maps to the game's Stage Battle multiplayer mode, which plays out as a real-time strategy game. Today, EA and Double Fine announced the second round of DLC, titled Hammer of Infinite Fate, will arrive for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on December 17.

A substantially larger add-on than the first, Hammer of Infinite Fate offers four new Stage Battle maps, as well as a host of new customization options for protagonist Eddie Riggs and his hotrod, The Deuce. While the Jack Black-voiced protagonist will see only cosmetic options, the upgrades for Riggs' ride include the Oculus of the Lost, which serves as an in-game GPS, as well as the Eye of Sorrow weapon, which launches "black projectiles of doom."

Lightning bolts can't help but follow Eddie Riggs around.
Lightning bolts can't help but follow Eddie Riggs around.

The DLC also opens up six more heads to add to Mount Rockmore--an in-game counterpoint to South Dakota's Mount Rushmore--including Rima, Razputin, Dadbat, Hunter, Kage the Kannonier, and Double Fine studio head Tim Schafer. Gamers will also be able to acquire nine new achievements/trophies.

With the first expansion pack, EA gave the PS3 edition away for two weeks, before offering it at the same $5 price point as the Xbox 360 version. The publisher also appears to be cutting PS3 gamers a deal with the Hammer of Infinite Fate pack. Xbox 360 gamers can pick up the pack for MSP480 ($6), while the PS3 edition will be available for $4.99.

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