Bruce Willis to be Kane'd?

Action star in negotiations to appear in the movie of the Eidos game; Billy Bob Thornton rumoured to be Lynch.


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First it was Tomb Raider, then it happened to Hitman, and last year it was announced for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men as well. The latter Eidos game property is being turned into a Hollywood movie, and this one is set to star Bruce Willis, as reported by Variety.

According to the entertainment-focused newspaper, the Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, and Sin City star is currently "negotiating" for the role of mercenary Adam "Kane" Marcus. As to who will play his partner, psychotic killer James Lynch, the Variety Cut Scene blog suggests that Billy Bob Thornton is the most likely candidate. Ironically, the pair previously starred together on screen as a pair of more amicable criminals in the comedy Bandits.

Kane & Lynch will be the first time in the director's chair for Simon Crane, who previously worked as second unit director and stunt coordinator on Mr & Mrs Smith and X-Men: The Last Stand.

Kyle Ward has written the script. Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter will be producing the movie; the duo were producers on previous Eidos movie Hitman. Askarieh and Alter are also currently working on a slew of other movie adaptations, namely Jonny Quest for Warner, Hack/Slash for Rogue, and Spy Hunter for Universal.

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just look on IMDB and it says Bruce willis is Kane and Jamie Foxx is lynch

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this game sucked why would they make a movie

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they shoulda made this like manhunt xD. Rockstars Manhunt + Kane and Lynch = THE NEW REVOLUTION xD i love the game though, dont care about ya HATERZ

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WoW...if the story is half as good as the game was then it should be a hit. I just heard that they are making a sequel. It had such a good story, and I love the way it felt like you were in an action movie. I especially like the huge dance club in Tokyo. Shooting bouncers across masses of dancers and having mass hysteria break out, and sometimes accidental shooting innocent people that just got caught up in the crossfire, with Lynch cussing up a storm and playing mind games with you. It is the best visual level of the game. They can still improve on the controls and have the guns feel more like the guns in "Call of Duty 4" or even "Rainbow 6 Vegas". The cover mechanism should also be improved. The next one should involve Kane's daughter, she can be a trained mercenary who you can choose to play as. They should have a level where you go to Vegas and you shoot up The Luxor and then have the fight follow you as you make your way to the MGM diagonally across the street. Then the action can continue into the Studio 54 and then all the way to the Garden Arena during a concert. They could also include a Streets of San Francisco level where you shoot up the enemies from the back of a buddies Van. It would be pretty cool to see the hilly and curvy road behind you while the sun is setting as you drive through the Bay Bridge or Golden Gate. They really have the potential to make this game a Perfect 10. Only time will tell.

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hmm its basically gonna bandits with more cursing.

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NO! Willis should be Lynch! Just see him in Lucky Number Slevin. In the flashback scene in Slevin, he looks look just like Lynch.

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Well,that's great news. =)

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Better a bad movie of the game than a worse sequel in any gaming platform...

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For once, quite possibly, the movie will be better than the game.

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2 months too late for an april fools joke...ummm

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Warghost2k it would basically be an R-rated Bandits?

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This has potential, if done right. I played the demo of the game recently and I really liked it.

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Can't we stop Hollywood from stealing game stories and turning them into movie scripts that suck? When will we learn that just cause the game was great that that's not necessarily true for a movie. Fans of the game will always go see them just because they are fans and loved the game but are usually leaving the theaters disappointed because it's not EXACTLY like the game and when Hollywood tries to make it exactly like the game, it sucks even more. oh well, whatever helps the economy! :P

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Yeah, it had an excellent story, but sloppy execution of the final product let the game down, big time. It was riddled with bugs and graphical glitches. I lost count of the amount of times I fell through the floor, for example. IOI should have made Freedom Fighters 2 like I have always said they should.

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This proves that the game had an excellent story unlike what most of you ppl think!!!

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Bruce and Billy Bob? This would be tremendous, actually. Don't know if they'd ever get names that big to sign up for this project but at least there's hope. Then again, as awkward as Olyphant's 47 was, it wasn't the acting that took away from Hitman. And any way, shape or form, connecting this to Spy Hunter is not encouraging. Fingers crossed.

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perfect castings imo... and Kfoss.. there IS a max payne movie... probably out sooner than you think seeing as how it finished ilming in february... check .. they used mark wahlberg though :( the guys that always 'seems right' for those parts but never is.. should've been tom jane

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Ok I would be excited to see this movie if they got both Willis and Thornton to star. They're both terrific actors and I'm sure that it would turn out well...for once. :P Haha.

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UMM Bruce in a video game movie...i suppose that could be a good thing...i would rather have him in the Max Payne flick...if theres going to be one..*hopes*

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Didn't I already see this movie... What was it called? Bandits? Right.... Hey heres some smart advice, considering how awful Game Movies usually are no matter how good the games they are based on are. A movie based on a game that sucked.... will inevitably suck its' self.

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So if the game sucked monkey balls then what should we expect from a movie version?

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All I can think of is a full 180 into the bad guys played in the Die Hard movies. But yea, if Brucie is behind it, I have some hope. Maybe it'll be good, maybe it'll never see the day of light. Hopefully if it does, it ends up good.

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Watch someone from MovieTome/FilmSpot gives it a bad review, then gets fired.

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Yes, lets make a movie adaptation based on a mediocre video game. Wasn't one of its weak points the story as well?

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If Kane and Lynch was never a game, this would be a great movie. Problem is not only was it a game, it was a bad game with a bad story and unlikeable characters except for Lynch due to his comic releif.

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Willis and Thornton? Bandits was pretty decent...Cate Blanchett should have been more serious...but let's hope these two work better than they did in Bandits as a pair

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gah why would they make a movie off a game that didnt sell all that Eidos trying to go bankrupt?

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Jeff does movie reviews right? No?..too bad

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Heads up folks. :shock: EIDOS is going to BRIBE the movie reviewers for this "Lame & Pinch my ..." movie. :D

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this is about just as smart as making a kane & lynch 2. well done eidos

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wait a minute... i got it!! good games get bad movies, right? so, following that logic, but flipped around, a "Kane and Lynch" movie would be kick ass! I can't wait for the first glimpse of these guys in costume, i think they're picture perfect.

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poor eidos, they are not making money publishing games so they've on to movies. i wouldn't be surprised if their strategy is to create and publish games and then have them made into movies. funny how movies also translate badly into games, basically it's going to suck.

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Although Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton in a movie together would be cool, I gotta ask "why?" This game was pretty much universally panned.

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ShotGunBunny do you really want there to be a Half-Life movie? What are the chances it would actually be good? Gabe Newell has stated that they have gone over several scripts from several different interests but none are acceptable. Kane and Lynch wasn't a great game, but it could be a sick movie. Great music, storyline is decent, and you can't go wrong w/ Bruce and Billy.

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Seriously, how can there be a movie for a game like that while there aren't any movies for Half Life or Baldur's Gate, not that I want movies about those games, but you catch my drift. Maybe they should have made it a movie in the first place.

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God save us.

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Oh please no! How about a Big Rigs movie instead

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Daikatana the Movie.

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movie out of this crappy game that fired Jeff Gerstmann? No thanks. And please, no Bruce Willis.. I like him, but I just don't want him to be in this crappy game's movie.

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6.0 I'd say.

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I think it's great that they're considering this movie, just because the game got a low score and maybe the game play wasn't that great, okay so what, Hollywood movies can make it exciting and better! Especially if it's Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton!

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"This game was ok as long as they dont make a Half Life movie the games great but the movie would kill it" If they got Charlie Sheen to play Gordon Freeman it'd be a great start.Anyone who watched The Arrival knows this.

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This game did not suck, it was actually a challenge. Well for some. Stop bashing this game.

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This game was ok as long as they dont make a Half Life movie the games great but the movie would kill it

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Agh, c'mon, that game was just AWFUL all around.Some great ideas, to be sure, just very poor execution.Video game movies are usually pretty loose with the source material so, in this case, that'd definitely be a good thing.But still it'd be hard to make a really good movie out of this.Mediocre at best.