Brooklyn Nine-Nine Saved By NBC After Being Canceled

NBC just became everyone's favorite network for the time being.


Update: Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been saved. After Netflix and Hulu reportedly passed on the opportunity to bring the show back, NBC has taken the plunge and renewed the acclaimed comedy for Season 6. The news was shared by numerous people involved with the show on Twitter, all of whom seemed quite excited about the news.

NBC being the one to save the show actually makes sense, given that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is produced by Universal Television--a branch of NBC itself. There's not yet a premiere date for Season 6 or any further details, but just knowing that the show's final episode won't be the upcoming season finale is more than enough good news for now.

Original Story: Surprising and angering fans, Fox this week announced the cancelation of the cult comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but the show may live again.

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that, just hours after Fox announced the show's cancellation, multiple networks reached out to producers Universal Television. According to the site, Netflix, Hulu, TBS, and NBC all made calls, though these might have been only exploratory in nature. It would in fact be more surprising and noteworthy if no networks came calling. We don't know anything about what might have been said or discussed on the phone calls, but it seems encouraging for the show to have other networks take some kind of interest.

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Universal Television company declined to comment on THR's report. The other two shows that Fox canceled this week, The Mick and The Last Man on Earth, are also in discussions with new homes to potentially come back, THR's sources said. Go to THR to see the full report.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which stars SNL veteran Andy Samberg, premiered in 2013. According to Deadline, the show failed to find a substantial audience in part because it moved back and forth between Sunday and Tuesday. The show was created by Parks and Recreation creators Dan Goor and Michael Schur.

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Now if only another network would do the same for Lucifer.

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@CrouchingWeasel: and the expanse, can't believe Syfy droped it considering its ratings

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@CrouchingWeasel: That’s exactly what I said.

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Fox is notorious for cancelling shows too soon and without closure, I’m glad nbc picked it up.

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Well, this show WAS being produced by Universal for Fox, so NBC taking over would make the most sense.

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Tho it wasn't on Fox I do miss Sirens

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Now, I just hope those idiots at Fox don't cancel Gotham.

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Hot damn!

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Terry's not surprised.

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2 great shows cancelled. This prooves people only watch garbage these days.

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Fox is so stupid, Brooklyn 99 and The Mick are among the best on tv right now.

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What about Last Man on Earth?

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I love how alot of great shows have suffered because network execs put them in a shitty time slot. Hopefully on-demand content becomes the norm and then it doesn't matter.

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Wow Fox are idiots for cancelling these two great shows.

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I've only caught a couple of episodes of this but I thought it was pretty funny, and I'm not a fan of many American sitcoms as a rule.

Guy did a hadoken to break down a wall; made me chuckle.

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@risingdawn: yea well as a rule I'm not a fan of YOU!

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Every time you talk, I hear that sound that plays when Pac-Man dies.

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99 is great fun.

might as well just scrap TV in general

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The Last Man On Earth is such a masterpiece that it needs a new home, who gives a crap aboot the Brooklyn Nine Nine. Tandy Miller's story must continue, The Last Man On Earth is the best TV Show since Breaking Bad, and possibly the Last Good TV Show On Earth if human civilization continues on its current path...

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@dr_vancouver: If someone picks the show back up, it will truly be a shawshank redemption

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@Lamesy: YDC, YDT ;)

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@dr_vancouver: I guess that's what opinions are all about - I love Brooklyn Nine Nine. Excellent show.

I've not heard of The last Man on Earth but will keep an eye out for it.

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@mpl911: Although the title makes no sense any more as he keeps meeting more and more people.

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@mpl911: It's a very weird show and many of the characters are intentionally very annoying. But there's something about it that keeps me coming back.