Brits buy 50,000 Wiis in 12 hours

Wii fever continues in the UK as 50,000 are sold in half a day; Nintendo estimates one unit sold every second in console's early going.


With each region the Wii is released in, impressive sales numbers have followed. American gamers bought 600,000 Wiis in the system's first eight days in North America. In Japan, 372,000 Wiis were sold in just two days. Late last week the Wii went on sale in Europe, and the first sales figures are in.

Nintendo says 50,000 Wiis were sold in the UK in the console's first 12 hours on the market. That translates to more than one console sold every second.

The Mario factory has yet to announce how many units were shipped to Europe, and as in other regions, the Wii remains a hard find for gamers.

"We are doing everything we can to meet demand throughout Christmas and the new year," said Nintendo UK general manager David Yarnton.

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