Brit wins FIFA tourney

Chris Bullard takes championship of Xbox 360 FIFA Interactive World Player 2005 tournament.


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Chris Bullard of Ipswich, England, was crowned the FIFA Interactive World Player 2005 after being the lone player remaining in the FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup Xbox 360 tournament sponsored by Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and FIFA. Bullard received an Xbox 360, a copy of the game, as well as an invite to the annual FIFA World Player Gala 2005 where he accepted his award recognizing his achievement. Bullard said, "The whole tournament was simply brilliant. It means so much to me that I was able to win this tournament for my country. This is simply a dream come true and easily the best moment of my life."

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Whoa there Mathew! Why don't you go back to your Nintendo, it'll probably listen to you!

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Oh yes because all of us british speak like this. DON'T BE IDIOTS, why does everyone start making coments in posh English the moment there's something english mentioned, literally NO ONE in britian has that stupid accent.

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and how was it heat...

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I've been to Ipswich before.

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Good to be british old chaps ::P. And yes we british do own at football.

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Oh how jolly for that mate!

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The second best moment of my life being the day I realized I lived in a town named Ipswich.

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A smashing good time

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