Brisbane Buttonsmash qualifier to lead to EB Expo 2012

Fighting game tournament to be held in Brisbane; top places qualify for EB Expo 2012.


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Brisbane fighting game players have a chance to qualify for the Fighter’s Arena running at the EB Expo this year. Buttonsmash, the fighting tournament to be held in Southbank, Queensland will see the top four players granted a full EB Expo pass and entry into the top 16 finals.

The top players at Buttonsmash qualify for EB Expo 2012.
The top players at Buttonsmash qualify for EB Expo 2012.

Competition games include Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. Players can qualify at one of three tournaments, or in last chance pools, on the Friday of the EB Expo.

In addition to the tournaments, participants have the opportunity to preview Dead or Alive 5 and the recently launched Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Full details for the Buttonsmash event are below.

Where: The Edge, Stanley street, Southbank QLD 4101
When: 15th-16th September, 12pm - 8pm
Cost: $20 Saturday, $15 Sunday, $30 both days

Further details can be found at the Buttonsmash website.

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