Brink developer teases shift in focus

Splash Damage CEO promises upcoming games will explore new platforms, "take full advantage" of industry changes like free-to-play and mobile markets.



Brink developer Splash Damage is looking to make an impact in 2012. In a message to fans today, Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood said this would be "the most significant year" in the studio's decade-long history and teased some changes to the way the company makes and sells its wares.

Splash Damage is apparently on the…precipice…of some big changes.
Splash Damage is apparently on the…precipice…of some big changes.

"We'll be revealing new titles, both on platforms we've previously visited (including the PC and the world's leading consoles), as well as exploring spaces completely new to us," Wedgewood said. "Finally, we've got some special things planned to take full advantage of the changes our industry is experiencing."

Earlier in his letter, Wedgwood had discussed the changes the industry has undergone in the past decade, saying, "We can now play multiplayer games online no matter what the platform is. Thanks to the wonders of digital distribution, we can buy games directly from their developers and play them immediately. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are more widespread than ever before, and these let us play wherever we are. More recently, the rise of good free-to-play games has allowed players to get their feet wet without demanding a big investment upfront."

Wedgwood said the company has a number of significant announcements planned over "the coming weeks and months."

Splash Damage got its start as a mod team creating maps for Quake 3. Although it has since become a proper studio, Splash Damage has retained an emphasis on multiplayer-focused first-person shooters, developing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and Brink.

For more on Splash Damage's most recent effort, check out GameSpot's review of Brink.

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