Brink: Agents of Change DLC free for two weeks

Bethesda offering Splash Damage's first two-map multiplayer add-on at no cost from August 3-17.

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Following Brink's debut in May, Bethesda Softworks and Splash Damage appeared to focus their post-release energy on getting the game's spotty online component up to snuff. However, Splash Damage has also been working on new content for Brink, and today Bethesda said that gamers will get their first piece of add-on content beginning August 3.

Titled Agents of Change, the multiplayer add-on offers a situational storyline, in which a ship docks at the Ark and sparks new conflict between the Resistance and Security factions. This new fight opens up two new battlegrounds: an underwater labs facility and the Founders' Tower, which plays home to the haven's upper class.

Agents of Change will soon harass the upper class.
Agents of Change will soon harass the upper class.

Along with introducing two new arenas, the Agents of Change add-on raises the level cap to 24. Players can also get new outfits and weapon attachments

To spur demand, Bethesda is offering the Agents of Change DLC to Brink owners free of charge for the first two weeks. After the free period expires, the pack will be available through Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and Steam for $10 (800 Microsoft points).

For more on Brink, check out GameSpot's review.

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