Bright Memory: Infinite Is Coming Soon To PS5, Xbox Series X|S, And Nintendo Switch

The game was first released in 2021 for PC.


Bright Memory: Infinite, the high-octane FPS which first released on PC in 2021, is coming to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch later this year, alongside the previously announced Xbox Series X|S version.

Announced during the Future Games Showcase today, it was confirmed that both PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions will fully support ray tracing with reflections at 60fps or 120fps on performance mode, with the PS5 version also utilizing the DualSense controller's adaptive triggers. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch version will run natively on the hardware, not through the cloud, and will feature multi-sampling of TAA anti-aliasing and gyroscopic aiming support.

“I know people had to wait a bit longer, but my partners and I decided we needed to take as much time as possible to make Bright Memory: Infinite shine on consoles,” said Zeng of developer FYQD Studio. “We used that extra time to optimize the game on each device. I was confident about getting Bright Memory: Infinite on consoles, but playing the game on those platforms still feels like a miracle.”

In Bright Memory: Infinite, players will take the role of special agent Shelia to uncover the mystery behind why a black hole opened up during Chinese New Year celebrations. A new trailer also debuted showcasing the combat of Bright Memory: Infinite, which combines the gunplay of first-person shooters and the swordplay of hack-and-slash action games.

With their acrobatic maneuvers and psychic powers, players will be able to combine both fighting styles to take on futuristic soldiers and demons of Chinese mythology. The game also features a fully unlockable, branching skill tree which includes new powers and upgrades.

It was also confirmed that each console edition of Bright Memory: Infinite will include all the cosmetic DLC from the PC version with the base game.

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