Brie Larson Shows Tessa Thompson How To Play Fortnite

Larson demonstrates the ins and outs of the battle royale game.


In a YouTube video sponsored by Epic, Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) shows Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie) how to play Fortnite. The 10-minute video follows Larson demonstrating how to pick up weapons, tame a wolf, and eventually, achieve a Victory Royale.

Larson says that she's clocked in a lot of hours in the game, mentioning that, "I stopped checking how many hours I've played. But a couple months into the pandemic, I was at about 300 hours." (She does indeed own Fortnite's Captain Marvel skin.)

Thompson, on the other hand, hasn't played Fortnite at all before. But in her research of what Fortnite is about, Thompson states, "The taming wolf part is the thing that I remembered... I would love to tame a wolf."

For the rest of the video, Larson demonstrates the trials and tribulations that come with playing a battle royale game. Her avatar dies to Raptor in one round, and to another player in a different round. But beyond that, Larson also hops in a purple card and Thompson quips, "I really feel like you should get some songs... Or you could do a Fortnite covers record." The video ends with Larson and Thompson making potential plans to actually play together.

Recently, Epic Games teamed up with Captain Marvel's actress to release Larson's Fortnite locker. Her curated bundle includes five cosmetic items, including a slightly customized Bushranger outfit. It comes in blue with a unique BB necklace that stands for Bush Babies--Larson's in-game squad. The locker also comes with the following items: Buzzy Bag (back bling), Honey Hitters (pickaxe), Glitter (emote), Freemix (emote). All of these items aren't exclusive to Larson's bundle, so if you're interested in any one, they can be picked up separately.

Larson's Fortnite locker is selling for 2,000 V-Bucks (so approximately $16).

In other Fortnite news, Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy is a new skin available in-game. Accompanying her arrival is a new limited-time mode called Team Up! Aloy & Lara. It's temporarily disabled, but once it's live, players will get to be Aloy or Lara Croft in Duos mode.

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