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Brian Cox Did James Bond Reality Show To Get Back At Producers For Never Casting Him

"This is sort of my way of getting back at them."


Actor Brian Cox has revealed that one of the reasons he signed on to host the James Bond reality show 007: Road to a Million was because he had been "ignored" by the producers to star in the James Bond movie series over the years. Speaking to GQ, Cox said he would be a great choice to play a Bond villain in a 007 movie, but his time might have come and gone.

"I've been ignored over the years as far as James Bond is concerned. One of the kind of cockeyed reasons I did [007: Road to a Million] was I thought, well: really? If you were ever looking for somebody to play a Bond villain [it would be me]… so this is sort of my way of getting back at them," Cox said.

Also in the interview, Cox said he thought the concept for 007: Road to a Million was "witty" and that he generally liked the idea for the show. Some actors might get "precious" about hosting a game show, Cox said, but not him. "It was a no-brainer, really."

In 007: Road to a Million, Cox leads contestants on a James Bond-style adventure around the world as they visit famous Bond locations and attempt various challenges in a bid to win £1 million ($1.2 million).

"I don't buy into any kind of, 'I'm special' thing. I've never bought into that notion," Cox said about established actors who might not want to host a game show. "That way lies a dusty death, quite frankly."

Cox also does commercials for McDonald's and Direct TV in the US. He is known for giving great answers in interviews, and he certainly lived up to that in this GQ interview. Regarding pay for his projects, Cox said when he moved to the United States, he learned to ask for what he wanted.

"British agents are always saying, 'Well, you know, [the production] has got certain problems.' I am not f**king interested in their problem. I'm only interested if they pay the money," he said.

Cox starred on Succession, which recently wrapped up its fourth and final season. He is set to voice the lead role in the next Lord of the Rings movie.

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