Breath of Fire PS2 plot details revealed

Expect something completely different in the upcoming Breath of Fire for the PlayStation 2.


After two years since the release of Breath of Fire IV on the PlayStation, Capcom has recently unveiled the fifth installment in the series, tentatively billed as Breath of Fire. It will be rendered in full 3D, and it's also the first game in the series to appear on the PlayStation 2.

The game takes place during an era in which humankind has abandoned the surface of the world and is dwelling in a subterranean city called Shelter. Players will assume the role of Ryu=1/8733 (his ID number is slapped onto his name), a young boy who is a member of the security patrol unit called Ranger. One day, he is assigned to patrol a biochemical plant, and there he encounters Nina, a young girl with wings, who is being attacked by an unknown creature. While game details are scarce, the game is expected to take on a different style from the rest of the series, judging from the character designs and the plot details revealed so far.

Breath of Fire for the PlayStation 2 is currently slated for a winter release in Japan.

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