Breakout: The Great Escape

Another Atari classic is brought up to date thanks to Hasbro.


Some people may not remember the Atari 2600 classic Breakout. Like Pong, Breakout essentially involved being able to reflect back a bouncing ball, and when the ball got past you a number of times, the game was over. However, Breakout differed in that opposing your paddle was just a huge set of blocks that you had to break block by block. Hasbro Interactive has updated Breakout by bringing it into 3D and tweaking the gameplay to accommodate the new environment.

While the basic gameplay will remain the same, Breakout: The Great Escape offers new strategies for destroying various structures. In one stage, you will have to destroy a pyramid in order to get into the tombs below. If you take a haphazard approach to destroying the pyramid, chances are it will take much longer to finish the job. Conversely, it will take much less time to take down the pyramid if you take out specific blocks first.

Breakout: The Great Escape will offer a number of improvements to the original. Each level will have different structures to destroy, and some will even require a certain degree of strategy to complete. Even the Breakout bar has been given a personality to make the game feel like more of an adventure rather than just another way to play Pong.

Breakout: The Great Escape is slated for a fall 2000 release.

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