Breakout Preview


There are probably more than a few of us who can remember games like Breakout. "We" are the same types of folk who remember games like Pong and Space Invaders and were probably amazed when other "classics" such as Missile Command hit arcades. Well, for older gamers who can remember the simple joys of pure twitch gaming, Breakout is making a return to the video game world.

In Breakout, which is coming to the PlayStation, you have to help your character break out (Breakout, get it?) of jail, using just a ball and chain. You have to use these to bust through obstacles, buildings, and creatures, while capturing power-ups and prizes. It's a very simple premise that will hopefully translate into a good game. Breakout will feature dozens of levels, four-player action, different ball types and power-ups, and a number of "lovable" characters. Planned for an introductory level price of $19.99, Breakout will be released in September 2000.

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