Breach plugged until January

Atomic Games bumps download-only multiplayer shooter due to Microsoft scheduling conflict on 360; new Hardcore mode coming.



Following the quagmire that is the still-unreleased Six Days in Fallujah, Atomic Games seems to be facing far less resistance with its downloadable shooter Breach. Still, the wargame maker isn't going to have a straight shot at release, as Atomic announced today that due to Microsoft's Xbox Live scheduling availability, it has been forced to delay the release of Breach on the Xbox 360 and PC to January.

Destructible environments are a given for Breach.
Destructible environments are a given for Breach.

Though Atomic emphasized that the game is finished, the studio plans to make use of the delay by incorporating additional content into the military shooter. This content will include a Hardcore mode, which was initially designed for "some organizations" that use Atomic's products for training purposes.

"I've always said, we don't make simulations for the public and we don't make games for the government," said Atomic president Peter Tamte. "However, we have come to realize there is a growing segment of the gaming population that wants to test these simulation systems out for themselves, which is why we're adding features, like a Hardcore mode, to Breach."

Breach concerns itself with the CIA's secretive Special Activities Division. The online multiplayer shooter offers players a number of classes to choose from, ranging from heavy gunner to recon. The first-person shooter also incorporates a cover system, destructible environments for nearly everything in the game, and a range of high-tech weaponry and other accoutrements.

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